Me Before You: Movie Review
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Me Before You: Movie Review

Why This Love Story, Is Like No Other Love Story

Me Before You: Movie Review
New Line Cinema

Movies, by far one of the greatest forms of entertainment. I can't help but be a hopeless romantic when I watch a romantic film. Growing up I was always watching a romantic film, from Dirty Dancing, Pretty Woman, Titanic, A Walk to Remember, each of these films has a cheesy ending, and you cant help but feel the romance through the screen.

A recent romantic film I've watched is, Me Before You, I needed to see what all the buzz was about with this story. As I watched it in the theater with my two gal pals Yazmin and Alejandra, we cried, and laughed together. This film was so touching, but I couldn't help but to wonder "Why?". What was so great about this film, rather than the others I had grew up watching.

I've watched this movie multiple times, and I have come to an answer for my question. It is very simple, I love the story because unlike other romance films, there is no emphasis on sex. Main characters Louisa Clark and Will Traynor fall in love through an unfortunate motorcycle crash that leaves Will paralyzed, and Louisa becomes his caregiver. What makes this love story so great is we are taken through the heartbreak of Will, and all Louisa wants to do, is show him there is still light at the end of the tunnel. I can't help but only be reminded of myself when I see Louisa, she is a very awkward individual that only wants to make those happy around her.

Something I am to familiar with, I'm pretty awkward, but I have learned to embrace it because it makes me who I am. She also has an interesting taste in fashion, weird colors, interesting shoes and butterfly pins in her hair! Ever since I could remember, I have always been fond of the clothes, and shoes that are more on the edgy side, it makes me different. She is easy going and very simple, and still wins over Will, with a bit of help from her charming personality.

Will on the other hand is your typical successfully handsome guy. He's strong and powerful(to a certain extent), extremely witty, and not an easy person to talk to, after he becomes paralyzed. He doesn't see the point in living after his accident, but Louisa helps him love again.

Will and Louisa's relationship is not so physical, but is more mental than anything. His wit lures her in, and I mean a witty guy is always attractive (hence Mr. Darcy from Pride and Prejudice). Will sees the potential in Louisa, she is very shy, and hides in her small shell, but he expands her horizons to become a greater person, something she learns how to be by the end. Louisa teaches Will how to love again, and teaches him that its okay to not be okay.

As their relationship progresses Louisa learns that Will will die from assisted suicide. He can no longer handle the physical pain from his body, nor can he handle living paralyzed. Louisa thinks of an idea to try and change his mind, by showing him things that he is still capable of being a part of. Even though she fails to change his mind, this love story is definitely like no other, and that is what makes it great. She still learns to love him, enjoying the last few months they have together.

A big problem in today's society is people like to jump from person to person, giving little to no effort to get to know someone. Many of us are easily bored, but that only happens when we don't put any effort into the conversation. We must remember that it takes time to get to know someone, you have to spend time with each other, and speak to each other, that's something that can't only be done through a text message.

There is a particular scene in the film where Louisa is spinning around with Will on his chair, and she tells him "You know if you weren't paralyzed, you know you wouldn't have given me a second look!" Will exclaims "Yes I would have!" But soon admits that he probably wouldn't have. Love isn't always about finding the good looking person, finding the successful person, although that is what most of us strive for, and that's okay. Will's disability allowed him to see Louisa, the twenty-six year old whose never been anywhere, but is happy with her life.

Me Before You isn't your typical love story, its a story that will make you laugh, and cry, but at the same time teach you whats important in a relationship. To lift each other up, through the hard times, to see the potential in each other, and most of all to love unconditionally. It is realistic, with hardship, and actual physical pain. It doesn't merely paint a pretty picture, giving the viewer a false happily ever after. It's a true love story, that still has a happy ending, but in a different way.

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