Why Mark Hamill is the best celebrity
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4 Reasons Mark Hamill Is My Hero

And he should be yours too.

4 Reasons Mark Hamill Is My Hero

From Star Wars to Batman, Mark Hamill has had one of the biggest impacts on my life as an actor and I think everyone should try to be more like him.

1. He's Luke Skywalker, Duh


There are few characters more beloved than the laser sword-wielding, dad-saving, Death Star-destroying Jedi, and for good reason. Luke is ambitious and hungry for meaningful change in the universe, a feeling that still resonates with people over 40 years later. And he can also move stuff with his mind! I can't tell you how much time I spent as a kid trying to establish a connection to the Force (AKA trying to turn off the lights without touching the switch).

2. He's Also the Joker, and Firelord Ozai, and...

Mark Hamill is the voice of the Joker in Batman: The Animated Series, and my God does he do an amazing voice. His Joker's laugh is so memorable that he still gets asked to do it at comic conventions. What most people don't realize is that he has voiced characters in over 300 roles! I dare you to try to find him in your favorite cartoons. Chances are you still might not be able to tell.

3. He Hates Trump

https://twitter.com/YahooEnt https://twitter.com/HamillHimself

Hamill has been very vocal about his feelings for Trump and most recently he suggested that Trump's Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame be removed and replaced with one for his late co-star Carrie Fisher. He thinks this would be a fitting way for Fisher to get a Star as she reportedly loathed Donald Trump and would gotten great pleasure out of taking something away from him.

He also went to Comic-Con dressed as "Orange Vader." The back of his shirt reads "Make the Death Star Great Again" and he's holding a golf club to make fun of Trump's golfing habit. Hamill tweets about Donald Trump on a nearly daily basis but he keeps his tweets clean and respectful, and that just makes me like him all the more. There are enough people who froth at the mouth at the thought of destroying Trump that it's refreshing to see someone who can still smile and make a joke about it.

4. He's Adorable, Especially to His Fans


Mark Hamill is so close to his costars that he calls John Boyega, who plays Finn, his son. He also calls Sebastian Stan (who plays Bucky Barnes in the Marvel Universe) his son because his fans pointed out that they look alike. But, more than anything, Mark Hamill loves his fans. He loves to surprise them, lovingly troll them, and wish them happy birthdays on Twitter. He dresses up and walks the floor at Comic Con because he wants to be able to interact with them. He goes to conventions as himself and takes questions and requests so he can make his audience's day. He has been going on late night shows as both himself and as Luke Skywalker for over thirty five years to make audiences laugh. Mark Hamill is the best celebrity.

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