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Here's Why 'Mamma Mia 2: Here We Go Again' Was Worth The 10 Year Wait

If you have not already seen the movie, you now have some plans for this week. Here they go again!


Spoilers ahead!

This classic film (and stage musical) has gained many generations of fans over the years. When the first movie hit the theaters in 2008, so many people fell in love with every single aspect of it. With the popular ABBA songs, memorable dance numbers, a list of celebrity stars, and beautiful island setting, the movie soared to fame. Now that it has been 10 years, fans have been craving another movie, and they finally get one!

After seeing the new one, I can easily admit that this exceeded all my expectations. I never knew I could possibly love the movie this much. It is even better than the original because it offers SO many new and amazing things. If you have not seen it yet, I 10/10 recommend watching this feel-good movie.

1. It has a new soundtrack with 18 songs to jam out to all summer long.


ABBA has once again risen in popularity as fans will definitely be singing all the newest hits from the movie. Some of these soon-to-be hit jams include "My Love, My Life", "Knowing Me, Knowing You", and "When I Kissed The Teacher". They are the perfect songs to blast this summer while also getting you in the mood to dance.

Miss the old classics? Well, do not worry because they brought back many of those too including "Mamma Mia", "Super Trouper", and the most popular: "Dancing Queen". If you are unfamiliar with any of these, go listen to them! The soundtracks can already be found on Spotify and Youtube so you to play them on repeat and enjoy.

2. The dance numbers have become EVEN BETTER!


Choreographer Anthony Van Laast really outdid himself since the first one. Not only are the dance numbers more intricate, more involved, and at times humorous, but they are also more frequent throughout the film. Nearly every five minutes, there is another big elaborate dance scene. Needless to say, the whole time you will want to get on your feet and dance along with them.

I recommend clapping or snapping in your seat in the movie theater so that you do not block the amazing views on the screen!

3. The cast has grown with a whole new list of talented people that fans cannot help but love.


Fans from the first movie understand how much that cast grew together as a family both onscreen and offscreen. This time around they have grown in number as well as closeness.

Cher plays the infamous grandmother of Sophie, and she pretty much steals the show with her fashion and mere presence. With the shiny go-go boots, helicopter arrival, and the stunning rendition of the song "Fernando", she fits right into this franchise.

Lily James who plays Young Donna is my personal favorite new addition because she embodies such a free spirit. She is the perfect actress to play the young version of Meryl Streep's famous character. Also, her beauty and smile lights up the screen and will make you feel so happy alongside her.

I do not know about you, but I would really wish to be a part of this super talented family!

4. We finally get to learn about the different dads after wondering for over 10 years.


One of the main plot points from the first movie was the search for Sophie to find out who her father is while actually finding three of them along the way. Audiences constantly speculated whether Sam, Bill, or Harry was the true father.

This new movie introduces how each of those boys met Donna when they were young. This film shows their love stories unfolding from the first encounters to the hard goodbyes. Fans will come to appreciate the backstories because they all really did fall for Donna with her wild and fun spirit in the late 70s.

Also, these new actors playing the younger versions are quite attractive, so you should watch the movie for that as an added incentive.

5. Sophie and Sky get a happy ending with a super cute baby.


Even though their wedding did not go quite as planned at the end of the first movie, this couple seems to be working out just fine. Sophie becoming pregnant and Sky going back home to her may just be the perfect start to their happy ending.

I have been rooting for them since the very beginning because they were always so in love with each other. This movie just gives them that little extra bit with the new baby at the end. I cried so much during that scene just to warn you about the emotional level of it!

6. The island of Kalokairi has grown even more beautiful in every way.


Just off the coast of Greece is this magical island of 'Mamma Mia'. Despite what you may think, it is not actually a real place. There is an island similar off the coast named Skopelos, but it still remains as Kalokairi for the fans at heart.

This prequel movie highlights the beautiful scenery, water, flowers, and more. The color scheme alone in this movie with all the shades of teal and blue is phenomenal to see.

I wish I could move to this island and stay there as well. I would especially want to feel all that magic in one place.



I will not spoil too much more because it really is something you should witness for yourself. All I want to say is that she does indeed come back and sings some wonderful songs with her simply perfect voice. It is not something you want to miss.

If you have not already seen the movie, you now have some plans for this week. No, it is not just for "girls" to watch. No, it is not for "old people" to watch. It is for everyone and anyone who wants to fall in love with 'Mamma Mia' over and over again. Here they go again!

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