Reasons that can convince any guy to rock a hot crop top
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10 Reasons We need To Bring Back The Male Crop Top

The exact number of reasons male crop tops need to make a comeback wouldn't fit in this post: these are just a few of them.

Man wearing a crop top

As with every controversial fashion trend—skinny sunnies, crocs, and head-to-toe jeans—male crop tops have their die-hard fans and the people who would prefer that literally any other fashion statement to come back in style. It's hard to argue with the fact that male and female clothing are treated differently in society. Personally, I see no reason that guys should be forced to keep their tummies hidden away: crop tops on women have been socially acceptable since the 2000s, and even the 1990s. You can probably tell where I lie on the male crop top spectrum, so I'll just leave these few points here and let you decide for yourself.

1. We have the opportunity to revive a forgotten trend

Male crop tops got their start in the 70s with rolled up or cut-off jerseys, which were later popularized by celebrities like Prince in the 80s. A decade later, Will Smith picked up the trend on "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air," and just two years ago, football player Ezekiel Elliot wore a cropped button-up to the NFL Draft. There's something magical about bringing back a trend our parents lived through (though maybe neon skirts and leg warmers should stay in the 80s).

2. It’s a way of trying something new

When you're looking to change up your style, you can shop for (or more likely, make) a crop top at whatever length makes you comfortable.

3. Instead of throwing your old clothes out, take a note from Pinterest and “upcycle” them

Give your closet a makeover by grabbing the shirts you haven't worn in years and giving them a new look.

4. Give a big ole’ “eff you” to gender expectations

If you're tired of society telling you that long hair, makeup, and certain piercings (speaking of, seeing a guy wearing a cute crop top paired with a navel piercing would probably make me pass out) should be exclusive to women, voice your disapproval and stand up to The Man by doing exactly what you've been told would make you "less masculine."

5. It looks good on all bodies

The best part about this old-turned-new trend is that it looks good on all body types: little, lanky, curvy, fit, chubby, thin, thick, plump. Whatever you rock, know that this trend will make you look flawless rocking it out in the open.

6. Stay cooler by letting that breeze flow over your belly

This one is pretty self-explanatory. Just make sure to sunscreen up!

7. It’s a temporary, harmless way to express rebellion

One solution to the troubles of everyday teenage life that's less permanent (and less painful) than tattoos, piercings, or gauges is to flaunt a few midriff-revealing tanks or tees during the hot summer weather.

8. Make sure your summer look is unique

If you're in a semi-small town like mine, you probably haven't seen many guys rocking this new look in person. So far, the trend has mostly been picked up by boys and men on Instagram using the hashtags #Boysincroptops2014 and #croptopmovement. So if you want a garment that's really going to make you stand out in a crowd (in a great way), it's best to pull out the shrunken shirts now.

9. Step outside of your comfort zone and grow as a person

We can all use a little push from time to time, and showing some skin could be just what you need to finally accept and appreciate your body the way it is.

10. Do it to stand in solidarity with those brave boys who have already pledged to bring back this male fashion statement

Show that you support your fellow brothers and friends who have decided to rock a cute new look, repurpose some old shirts, and single-handedly subvert gender stereotypes

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