Making peace with uncertianty
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Making peace with uncertianty

"Work hard in silence, and let your success speak the volumes."

Making peace with uncertianty


This is a word that makes most people nervous and heart rates go up. We constantly and consistently deal with this within our daily lives and of course, it can be either based on a change that can affect our whole lives or just a simple decision. Either way, this can definitely make you feel like everything is all mixing together. In these times, it is so important to remember that this is a season and honestly, this could be part of the current season that you are in. There isn't anything wrong with it and if anything it will allow you to look and live your days in a more thankful way.

Believe it or not, our times of struggle, uncertainty, and disbelief are the times that shape us into who we are supposed to be and teach us the lessons that you cannot be taught in school or in a "perfect world." Which you might ask yourself, how in the world would this shape me? Well, I encourage you to look back on a month ago, a year ago or even five years ago and you will immediately see that you have been shaped, brought up and built even in the smallest of areas just by the times of struggles or unknown of what the days ahead would have brought. Looking back at your areas of growth and development can not only make you more apparent of how much we grow, but how far you might have come. So even in the times where you feel in a rut, just by you continuously living each day and pushing through is breakthrough to a comeback that might or might not be seen or known of.

So I encourage you... Trust in the unknown, find the positivity in the little things, fight the fear and trade it for freedom in the path that is waiting ahead of you.

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