"Useless" Majors

To The Ones With "Useless" College Majors, You'll Find Your Purpose

Because there's countless amounts of opportunities that you will find in your field, and you will prove them wrong.


When I started my first semester of college this fall, I went in as a Psychology major. I was endlessly searching for what could be my minor when I came across Communications. I looked into what I could do with it pretty deeply. I saw the different opportunities I could do that would help along with Psychology, but it ended up interesting me more than Psychology ever has while doing my research. I went in thinking that I want a career in helping people with mental illness, but now, going into my second semester, I realized that Psychology and helping others in that way really wasn't for me in the first place.

And it's okay.

With changing my major, people around me have made comments. The amount of times I've heard, "What the hell can you do with a Communications major? You were better off with Psychology", or something along the lines of it is unreal. I will gladly take some of the jobs that you do not know of with what I'm interested in. This goes for all of the other majors that are in the same shoes as me as well, stand your ground.

Along with the negativity, there's also the positive comments that help me feel confident in what the future holds for me. Along the lines of, "Communications is a broad field, you can go in any direction with it" or "Communications as a major fits you and your interests more than Psychology did". Always focus on those positive comments, because they really go a long way with helping you to keep going.

To the other "useless" majors, stand your ground, because you will rise in your field. You will make your income in your own way, and you don't need the approval of others to do things in the way you want to. You don't need to be involved in a popular major to make your coin in a "better" way than someone else. We're at college to gain skills, to learn more about what we love, and to eventually make a living off of it. Don't strive for anyone else's approval other than your own because there's always a way you can climb to be a better version of yourself.

There's always a good to a bad. Everyone will always have something to say, you just have to ignore it and do what YOU really want. You go to school for you. YOU put in the work. YOU will be the one that has that diploma at the end of the day. Remember to striving. Keep going to find the best version of yourself. Don't let the comments get to you because at the end of the day, you're doing what makes you happy. You don't need to be a nurse, a teacher, a therapist, or an engineer to strive. There's nothing wrong to the people that have those careers, but those careers aren't just for everybody, so they don't need to be shoved in the faces of the ones that don't want to do them.

Just remember the end goal, and remember that there's a million other people in your shoes as well. Be the example, and eventually you will find your purpose in your field.

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