If you know anything about me, you know I am obsessed with Maggie Rogers. This up-and-coming star released her debut album at the beginning of this year and I've been listening to it nonstop. To encourage you to check her out, I've matched each song with one of the zodiac signs.

Aries: Give A Little

Arieses are bold, ambitious, and not afraid of a challenge. "Give A Little" was inspired by the National School Walkout.

Taurus: Overnight

Tauruses want to be surrounded by love. "Overnight" is reflective of a sudden rush of emotions and restlessness, shown through an on-and-off relationship.

Gemini: On + Off

Geminis are very versatile. They are enthusiastic and intelligent, but also superficial and anxious. "On + Off" talks about emotional stability and instability and finally finding that person who grounds you.

Cancer: Light On

Cancers are gentle, sensitive, and intuitive. They are very emotional and need to be protected. "Light On" shares Rogers' anxieties and her inner feelings and how she cannot do everything on her own.

Leo: Burning

Leos are passionate, cheerful, and self-confident. They are natural-born leaders, but they hate to be ignored. "Burning" is about adventuring and the liberation of freedom and love.

Virgo: Alaska

Virgos are practical, systematic perfectionists. They work hard to improve upon their weaknesses. "Alaska" details Roger's journey to become the best version of herself and let go of what she can not control.

Libra: Say It

Libras are very diplomatic and fair-minded, which in turn makes them indecisive and non-confrontational. "Say It" shares the all-too-relatable feeling of not being able to tell a person how you actually feel.

Scorpio: Retrograde

Scorpios are brave but very stubborn. Their assertiveness and determination helps them succeed but also fuels their jealousy. "Retrograde" is the balance between dream and logic, all while perpetually feeling defeated.

Sagittarius: The Knife

Sagittarius value freedom and are typically very vibrant. "The Knife" encourages letting go and having a good time.

Capricorn: Back in My Body

Capricorns are responsible, independent, and have excellent self-control. "Back in My Body" is about living your life the way you want.

Aquarius: Past Life

Aquarius are deep thinkers who love helping others. They see without bias, but they need to recharge when dropped in a challenging situation. "Past Life" is the polarization of vulnerability and strength.

Pisces: Fallingwater

Pisces are very emotional, creative, and forgiving. However, they desire attention and to escape reality. "Fallingwater" is about letting your emotions take control. Change in life is inevitable, but it can be very beautiful.