Somebody once told me things that fall get broken, and it's hard seeing how much that applies to things including falling in love in relationships to the point that they come and they go. This is a small poem I wrote with the feeling that maybe the relationship isn't worth pursuing anymore. Especially if only one puts in effort

One minute we're close

like you can't stand to see me go

Next moment I'm alone

You grab your keys and hit the door

You always think I want you gone

When that's not the case at all

I just fear wasting my time

You treat it like it's a goal

See I don't care about the arguments

Cause together we can get over it

What aggravates me is giving up

For the hell of it

I don't wanna put in effort

If I'll be the only one

But if you can't say the same

Just admit that you are done

Cause I can't go on caring

And constantly throwing fits

I throw my heart to you

As you stomp it to bits

Why should I care

If you don't care yourself

If you cant love me that way

Maybe you'll love someone else