I met a girl.

She had black hair with sparkling eyes.

A camera around her neck and a pen in her back pocket.

This girl was ready for anything and that was attractive.

She spoke about her dreams of photographing people as a career.

The way she spoke about her views on politics and her experience at the Women's March were interesting.

Her voice filled with fury when she heard about the attack on Jussie Smollett.

Saying, "Why are people still being racists and being ridiculed for their sexuality?"

If he was straight and white, this would never have happened.

I had to think about that because she was right.

People like to attack minorities because they think we are the ones stealing the land and jobs.

When really, we are all just surviving when we should be living without worries.

She almost burst into tears. Her face was red but she was strong.

She was beautiful but I didn't want that to be the only good thing about her.

I wanted to know her goals in life and if she wanted to stay in this city.

She wants to open a studio and live in a different city but she wouldn't mind staying here.

I was excited but I was scared.

I also have big dreams in life but not sure If I want to stay here.

I want to explore the world and what if she wouldn't come with?

If I dated this girl, would we have a future?

Will it end when I graduate and move away?

I'm not into having a heart break once again.

Therefore, my feelings I will not hide.

Instead I'll make it turn to the side.

if you can find me I'll be in the shadows.

Holding my head up high like a model.

I will not look to you no further, this is goodbye girl, I will not see you later.