I have been struggling with finding skincare that works for my skin. I have combination, sensitive skin with rosacea, so searching for the right mix of products for my skin has been a challenge. I have typically used drugstore face washes, but I have just found my ultimate match!

Before finding what worked for me, I was using brands like Clean and Clear and Neutrogena. While these brands are great, they didn't work for my skin. They would cause my skin to be super red, or cause a lot of dead skin buildup around my nose. I knew I needed a change for the sake of my skin. I recently branched into spending a little more money into getting the results that I yearned for. I have begun to use a combination of higher-end brands, The Body Shop, and Mario Badescu.

I use an exfoliator, toner, and moisturizer from The Body Shop from their Seaweed collection. The integration of the seaweed is meant for those with combination/oily skin, so I knew this was just for me. These products retailed to be about $40 altogether, after various sales and coupon codes. For my overall facial cleanser, I use the Mario Badescu Enzyme Cleaning Gel. I really do love this product. When I was searching for a face cleanser, I noticed this one had excellent reviews, and for only $14, I knew I had to try.

This cleanser is different than anything I have ever used before. It's more of like a cream where it doesn't bubble up or foam up on your face after applying. At first, I thought I wasn't going to like it because I thought my skin wouldn't feel clean after. But boy, oh boy, was I wrong! This cleanser is so gentle but maximizes the cleanse throughout your pores. I would easily recommend this facial cleanser to everyone looking for a new wash!

The Body Shop has many different types of skincare for whatever type of skin you may have! I highly suggest looking into their products and finding what works best for you.

I have been using this skincare routine twice a day, every day for about five weeks now. I can notice an immense difference in the overall quality of my skin. I can really see the glow within my skin, and it looks so healthy and shiny!