My Life In NYC–So Far

I've been living in New York City for three weeks now and I am finally beginning to feel like I am processing the things I have been doing in this city. It's currently 10 p.m. as I sit in a Starbucks in the city, trying to process the things I have been doing so I can form them into this article. I almost feel like I have been living in this city for much longer than I have been, and due to this all of my experiences seem to have merged together, as I feel like I would not be able to write on every experience I have had in this city.

What I do know is that there are a few experiences that stick out as the biggest for some quite apparent reasons. I moved to New York City a few weeks ago with one connection. That connection was the internship that I was going to be walking into, although I did not have any connections within that internship yet. I started as a Fashion Design Intern at Rebecca Minkoff the day after I moved to the city, unknowing the people I would meet upon entrance or the experiences I would obtain throughout my experience with this company. After three weeks, all I can say is this company has been amazing, and I have absolutely loved working alongside such talented and uplifting individuals. And the best part is that I have learned a lot about my industry while working alongside these amazing people.

My internship does not span throughout the entire week, so I have recently transferred to a Coach store in New York City. I anticipated the beginning of this experience a lot, and as a few days have passed since I began as a Sales Associate at this beautiful store, I can confidently say that I feel this will be an amazing experience. I have truly been happy with the experiences I have had since entering this city for the summer, and I am beyond excited for the future experiences this job will bring.

As I am currently spending the full seven days of my week interning and working, I have absolutely no complaints whatsoever. Being able to learn in the industry I love throughout these new experiences is absolutely worth the full work week. Not to mention the incredible people I have met throughout the process.

I have a month and a half left in New York City, and all I am wishing for now is for time to slow down a little bit. I love this city with all my heart, and as my college town of Syracuse is four hours from the city, I will continue to soak up every experience until I am able to live here full time.

Xoxo New York—you've been great, and I know you will continue to be.

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