Life Advice From Otters

As per usual, when I find an animal video I’ve never seen before I send it to everyone I know. This video, in particular, a clip from a BBC documentary, had my roommate and I screaming. I’m sure everyone in the building thought we were dying, but they didn’t check on us. So maybe they didn’t. I have yet to watch the full episode, named Alaska: Earth's Frozen Kingdom, but I already recognize how important it is that every human sees this. Before I continue my deep analysis of the video, watch it first here.

We open on paradise. A sea otter and her baby are floating along in the calm waters. His mother swims off and leaves her baby alone. Cue instant whining. The metaphorical and literal dark clouds are closing in. I’m on the edge of my seat screaming, “Someone help him!” Here’s where we get to the best part.

The charming British narrator reassures everyone over the sound of distressed whining that the “mother has fluffed him up so much he’s unsinkable.” Isn’t that the dream? Staying afloat is always good, but the advice lies in the narration.

After watching this short clip about eight times, I concluded this was a variation of some great advice. Leave everything better than you found it. This applies to people too. When you swim away to scavenge for food, make sure you’ve fluffed your friends and family up “so much” that they’re unsinkable.

As cheesy and boy scout-ish as that advice sounds, it makes for a great perspective change. Everytime people interact, we have the opportunity to make their lives better. Here are a few examples just in case: surprise a friend with their favorite snack while they write the paper that was due three hours ago, schedule a call with a family member you want to catch up with, draw a picture and send it to your mom so they can put it on the fridge next to your second grade report card, or fly to Alaska to fluff your own sea otter.

This also applies to self-care, in my humble opinion. Fluff yourself until you’re unsinkable. I really wish I was an otter. But that’s a post for another time. Focus on doing the things you love and focus less on what other people think about you.

Overall, this video is pure gold. Otters were already in my top ten for holding hands while they sleep so they don’t float away from each other. Now, this. Icons and legends only. Especially as weGo forth, and fluff until you’re unsinkable.

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