A Letter To The College Student Studying For Finals

Dear College Student,

The time has come, the time that every college student dreads from the very first day of class when syllabi are passed around. You looked at the date of your final exam and the due date for your paper and said to yourself, "Eh, that's months away. I'll worry about it then."

Now, you are worrying about it. You have just a few days to cram a semester's work of learning in just a short amount of time to prepare yourself for your final exam.

Your final paper is due in a week, and you are beating yourself up for not finding the number of scholarly sources you need and perhaps not even coming up with a thesis, let alone an outline.

But don't worry too much. You are not alone. Everyone procrastinates until the last minute, and you are probably even ahead of the game compared to a select few of your classmates who are going to wait until the night before to write a 10-page paper.

Remember to pace yourself. You may be feeling stressed and anxious and overall fatigued, but once finals are over, that will pass.

Remember to practice self-care. Drink lots of water and remember to eat. Don't just snack while studying. Tear your eyes away from the computer screen or textbook to spend just an hour with friends, not worrying about school and eat a healthy meal. Remember that it's okay to take small breaks here and there. Check your phone for 5 minutes, but then go back to work. And also remember to take an actual break. Sit down and watch a feel-good movie. Listen to some music. Bathe.

It will all be over soon and you will get to relax and do the things you enjoy once again.


Another College Student

Did I write this for others or to assure myself? Who knows.

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