I Discovered Yes Theory, And Love Everything They Stand For

Once upon a YouTube bout, I stumbled upon a group of guys who established a YouTube career based on spontaneity and attempting feats they never thought possible. From watching these videos, I have discovered their reasoning and genuine craving to live life, and have learned that I should incorporate the theory into my life. So you may be wondering, what even is Yes Theory??

According to their website, Yes Theory believes that life can be as fulfilling and authentic as you wish so long as you're willing to seek discomfort. The main part of their videos is the initiative to seek discomfort, which involves putting themselves in situations that they would not normally be in or are conformable in. In doing this, they are able to travel the world, get out of their comfort zones, educate themselves, and grow as people.

I am inspired by this concept because it allows you to get out of the restrictions you have mentally set for yourself, and just go for something and see if you can actually accomplish it. This group of guys showed me you don't need to live every aspect of your life like them, but by incorporating the theory and learning to live your life while you have it, you are able to experience much more than originally thought.

In my daily life, I aim to knock down any mentally built restrictions for myself and allow myself to explore anything I would like to accomplish. With this concept influencing my life, within the past few days I have already spent more time with people who mean the most to me, made travel plans farther than I've ever gone by myself, and put myself and my needs before any negative energy clouding my headspace.

With this, I challenge every single one of you to take your life by the reins, say yes, go for what you want and deserve in life, and above all, seek discomfort!

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