I know what you are thinking: "Great, another Odyssey article about the Office? Don't these kids ever get tired of writing about the same show over and over again?"

No. The answer is always no.

If one were to look for an article about "The Office" or find one by coincidence, it'll most likely be about Michael Scott's shenanigans, or how perfect Jim and Pam's relationship was, or how Dwight is basically everyone's spirit animal. For once, I'm going to shine the spotlight on one of the underdogs of Dunder Mifflin -- Stanley Hudson -- and show you a synopsis of how great of a character he was. The various commentary and such that came out of this character's mouth were monumental and deserve some kind of recognition.

You could find Stanley somewhere in the Dunder Mifflin Office paying no attention to anything but his crossword puzzles. The more ridiculous Michael made Stanley's work day, the more we saw Stanley filling in the blanks:

And when Michael tried to get Stanley's attention away from his crossword puzzle to participate in something unimportant, he put Michael in his place:

He also didn't just catch Michael's shenanigans; he caught Dwight's as well:

When no one was doing anything remotely stupid, Stanley didn't notice (or care about) anything that went on during the day:

It eventually became a game for everyone to try to get his attention:

But one thing Stanley was aware of, and it only happened once a year, was Pretzel day:

When Ryan asked a rhetorical question about dreams, Stanley didn't disappoint:

That wasn't Stanley's only dream he elaborated on:

Sometimes, it was best not to question Stanley:

Stanley wasn't always cranky. His catchphrase added a hilarious twist to his personality:

Even if he ignored you, you should never ignore his words of wisdom:

And the best part about Stanley was that under his cynical exterior, he really did have a heart:

All fans of "The Office" should appreciate the one-of-a-kind character that was Stanley Hudson. Without him, Dunder Mifflin's Scranton Branch would've just been an empty office building.