Let Me Play Pretend

This is inspired by a story I read, the main charater choose to ignore her problems, hoping that things would get better if they did.

She watched,

Almost as if from afar,

As he had affair after affair,

It killed her,

Tore at her heart,

Yet day after day,

She took it,

She waited for him to come home,

The house cleaned over and over,

Supper ready on the table,

She hated it,

Ever second,

She wanted nothing more,

Than to pack her bags and leave,

But he was all that she knew,

Even if it was temporary,

He would love her,

Give her a kiss on the cheek,

Then eat his meal,

Not looking at her,

Not caring that he hurt her,

She would ask about him day,

He would mumble a ‘fine’,

Her heart would give a squeeze,

Everything was fine,

It’s normal,

Normal is good,

Normal is safe,

So she stayed there,

Day after day,

Night after night,

The calls from her family being ignored,

They wanted her to leave him,

But she loved him,

So she closed her eyes,

And ignored everything,

Because as long as she ignored it,

She would be fine

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