5 Lessons You Learn At College, But NOT In A Classroom

5 Lessons That DON'T Get A Letter Grade But Every College Student Learns Before They Get Their Diploma

Although everyone has different experiences in college, there are some lessons that are universal.

When you enter college, you enter a whole new world. You meet new people, make new daily schedules, and jump out of your norm. Although everyone has different experiences in college, there are some lessons that are universal.

1. You don't always need to join your friends

Being with friends is an amazing feeling. You get to make so many memories with them. But, you don't always have to go along with the plans that the group is making. It is completely OK to say no and do your own thing. Or if you want to go chill with someone that is not part of your close clique, that is OK too. Be your own person and make your own decision.

2. Be open to change

College is a whole new lifestyle and you are going to come across of so many different things that may force you to change yourself or your routine. Just because something does not fit in your planned schedule or personality, do not push it away. Try it out first. You never know what will happen and what you will discover about yourself.

3. Time management is key

You have a million things going on at once. College is all about experiencing life and involves keeping up your GPA, making new friends, attending different events, and so much more. In order for all those things to happen and for your life to be put together, you have to learn to manage your time. If you need to, buy a cute planner or use Google Calendar to plan out your days.

4. Spend some time alone

As mentioned before, you will have a million things going on at once. Life can get very hectic as you try to find that balance between school and social life. But, remember, you need to take time off and spend some alone. Do something that helps you distress. You can lay in bed and watch a movie, or journal in your thoughts. Anything that helps you take a break from everything else.

5. Find a balance

There are essentially two main focuses in college: education and social life. Both very important for personal growth and the fulfill the purpose of attending college. However, you need to find somewhat of an equal balance for both things. You have to be careful to not let social events take away crucial time from studying. And, at the same time, you don't want to be hidden in your books at all times.

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