What The Media Isn't Telling You About The Protection Of Your Human Rights
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What The Media Isn't Telling You About The Protection Of Your Human Rights

There are legislative actions inhibiting freedoms of sexuality.

What The Media Isn't Telling You About The Protection Of Your Human Rights
Alexa Mazzarello

Are we truly as liberated as we have led ourselves to believe? The recent push towards casual physical relationships and ownership over ones sexuality has become synonymous with the modern sexual experience. This new era of sex is posing a stark juxtaposition against antiquated social attitudes previously upheld regarding the culture surrounding this pervasively controversial topic. As our society has exited its mid 2000's overt expressions of sexuality a la "Girls Gone Wild" we enter a precarious social shift balancing newfound permissibility to own ones sexuality within a world that has not quite shaken off the patriarchal chains which birthed our opinions of women's ownership of their bodies.

We still see these subtle nods towards outdated and conservative notions of sex (particularly premarital sex) in its embryonic state throughout society. Where there have been undeniable strides in progressive initiatives we still see the toxic remanence of a society once indoctrinated by the principles of sex and self ownership orchestrated by individuals who promote systematic oppression of women.

While in 2018 women are allowed to have power and control over their sex lives, this is also tethered to increased risk for unplanned pregnancies as rates of premarital sex rises. It would be negligent to believe our rights to receiving safe and legal abortions are not on the line within the current political climate of the Trump Administration. There is legislation being proposed and passed each week which further promotes legal deterrents for women seeking out these options.

Being in a liberal bubble like a college campus or a progressive city it is easy (and quite appealing) to disregard the fact which is that a large portion of our country still maintains these archaic ideologies of gender relations and troubling stances on the rights and liberties which should be afforded to women. It is disturbing to see the initiatives of the powerful and influential women of our history like Susan B. Anthony and Gloria Steinem (my personal hero) tactfully and governmentally undermined by subtly crafted legislature developed by the GOP and other fundamentally conservative politicians backed by the Trump Administration.

The recent tax bill which was passed included a small but extremely powerful clause which included language legally codifying "fetal personhood" at the beginning of inception. This legal action was written under the guise of allowing families to accrue larger benefits through a college savings account for the child but is legally misleading as there are no legal repercussions for an adult assuming the leadership role in a college savings account and later transferring it to the child as the beneficiary.

It is subtle government sanctioned tactics like this which serve the sole purpose of promoting anti-abortion rhetoric and reversing the legal and progressive bounds which were taken through the landmark U.S. Supreme Court decision in Roe v Wade.

In 2017 Trump passed a bill establishing the legal permanence of the Hyde Amendment, originally brought to senates floor in 1976 as a budget rider. A Rider is a provision added to bills, typically used to subtly pass often times controversial legislative measures that would not have the legs to stand on its own as a singular bill.

This amendment bans the use of federal funds and private insurances who receive federal funds to subsidize abortions. This law has powerful implications politically and socially; it disproportionately affects women of color and women of low socioeconomic status who receive medicaid as their source of insurance. It is legal measures like these which are government sanctioned initiatives to control and inhibit the autonomy of women to make choices for themselves regarding what they chose to do with their bodies.

These legislations additionally toe the line of unconstitutionality as they are subtle breaches of the establishment clause of the 1st amendment which prohibits a congressional establishment of religion. Religion, while never explicitly stated, is a reoccurring pattern catalyzing these anti-abortion laws enacted by publicly conservative politicians with clear religious affiliations.

As the future of freedom and sexuality progresses, it is vital towards the longevity of these social movements and the legal protection of those who choose to partake, to not forget the very real actions being taken by lawmakers and politicians to prevent them. As progression is flourishing around us, it is time that Capitol Hill follows suit.

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