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Some nights in my dorm.


It's 12.29 am where I am.

Tired after a long day of classes, I pick up the laptop that lies half shut on the corner of my bed. My bed is set against a wall that is covered with polaroids and handwritten notes by loved ones.

I grab my Macbook Air – as if I were holding a nothing less than a book in my hand and jump onto my comfortable bed that is stacked with a mattress pad, a mattress foam (it's thick) and my floral comforter set. (most comfortable thing EVER)

I plan on opening Netflix but within a few seconds, I mumble to myself "oh shit, I have to write an article." I don't know what to write about and my brain is too tired to come up with a meaningful topic. So, I think and think; just as I do every day before falling asleep. Nothing comes to my mind- just a few random words here and there but nothing too special. I open MS Word and begin typing random words on a new document. I check my social media a couple of times before I lose my non-existent train of thought. I stare at my laptop screen so closely that I notice every bit of dust that ever touched its surface. Zoning out; slowly and steadily my mind enters another world.

I press the start *button* of the tape recorder...kzzzzzzkrkrkrkr a string of memories starts to play.

That one time in NYC when I took the wrong subway, - ended up in on a random street, got stuck in traffic, missed my bus and left my bag in the hotel.

That one time in 11th grade when the teacher caught me eating Roti and Bhindi in Econ class.

That time I called my best friend's landline and her grandfather answered… and I called him "aunty"? (cringe level=infinITY)

That one time I tripped on a stair and (I kid you NOT) fell on somebody's feet. (AWWWWWKWARD!)

That one time (or multiple) time/s I made stupid puns that made my friends want to question our relationship.

That one time I was singing out a cheap Bollywood song in school and didn't realize my math teacher was right behind me... laughing...

That one time I went to a night club and was stranded on the road at 3 am because "transport issues"

That one time I went to a frat party in college and disliked it so much but kept going on in the hopes that I would eventually start enjoying

...these one-timers, these "little things" always seem little at first. When you look back years later, staying up late at night in your cozy dorm room- you realize how these little moments aren't so little after all.

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