I remember those days of glaring at other girls, of flipping my hair, and making my presence extremely known. A mentor once told me to "piss on the floor and claim my spot," if I thought another woman was trying to intimidate me. And yeah, there are going to be moments in your life where woman will go head to head. It's in our nature. Just think about the riff between Queen Elizabeth and Mary Queen of Scots.


We have to stop being "mean girls" to combat our insecurities. Everyone is born with something that they don't like, the one thing that they would change. We all have them and if you don't then you are very lucky! Even I have them! For years I despised my large nose and dark hair. But the other day I found a picture of my Grandmother when she was young, she had dark hair and a large nose. I looked at the picture for a bit and I thought, "She was so beautiful, it's not even fair."

As I have grown and matured I have realized how important it is to have diversity. And diversity is very, very beautiful.

And as I have grown and matured I have also realized how many women don't respect this.

This is sad.

I have always thought heritage is something to be proud of and I know not everyone feels this way.

Ladies, you don't have to be blonde and blue eyed to be gorgeous. Brown eyes and dark hair are just as gorgeous! But you know what you do have to be? Uplifting of other women. Because that is sexy.

This past week I haven't worn makeup which was a huge risk as for years I have been hiding my thin lips and large nose. Today I even wore my glasses instead of contacts! As I went about my day with a natural face I tried my best to compliment other women.

In a world where our sisters are raped because of their dress and a workplace that pays us less, we have to stop.

I know you think you are being cute when you flip your hair and snap your manicured fingers at another girl; but it's not. Kill them with kindness.

We can not stand up to men when we are too busy stalking girls for liking pictures.

We can not stop sexual harassment when we are still calling girls slurs for the length of their dress.

We can not increase diversity when we only see particular features as "attractive."

Ladies, we have to stand up for each other. It is the only way to win this fight. We want respect from men? It's time to respect our sisters. Will it always be easy? No! But I have a challenge for you. Pick one day, wear a natural face. And just give at least one other woman a compliment. Just one day and one compliment. And if you don't feel better after doing it, you never have to do it again and you can personally call me and explain how it didn't make you feel empowered.