Ever since Kodi Lee stepped on the stage for the "America's Got Talent" auditions and performed his heart out, we all knew that he was going to change the world, right after he got the Golden Buzzer from Gabrielle Union I knew that was only the beginning.

He performed every time with passion and heart and never left a single dry eye in the house, even the tough Simon Cowell showed his soft side, especially when he has criticized the other performers and even gave the most X's the whole season. There were many talented people that season who I could have also seen winning, but every time Kodi performed it gave me chills. He has got a soulful tone in his voice and you can tell how much he enjoys doing it and how much he wanted to be there.

When he won the show when Terry Crews opened that envelope and read out Kodi Lee's name it just really gave so much hope, to so many people with disabilities.

With Kodi Lee's win, this means that possibly more talented people with disabilities could audition for the show or any show for that matter because they saw him and said if he can do it then they can do it too!

For so long people with disabilities have been looked down upon by society just because it didn't fit into the norm, so seeing so many people vote for Kodi just restored my faith in humanity that acceptance is not too far off. Yes I have seen the comments on the pages there are still haters but I feel like those haters are just jealous.

Music really does save lives, when his Mom mentioned in his audition that music saved his life, I believed it. I know from experience that it can be hard, and everyone does need a voice, a way to say how they are feeling, a way to express themselves, and music can do so much for any individual with autism and other disabilities as well.

The fact that Kodi has this opportunity to perform in Las Vegas opens so many doors for him. I would definitely buy one of his CDs and go see one of his shows.

For all the people out there with disabilities I hope you know your worth, I hope you know that you are capable of having opportunities like this, all that is needed is the right support.

Know that you can also have a dream like Kodi Lee they are valid no matter what people may say. Get out there and get your dreams, you got this!