From a first person perspective, we walk down the hallways of an empty school in the afternoon, and find unexpected surprises around every corner.

I shot this in February with the people in a film club. It is in a style of filmmaking and literature called surrealism. If you're interested in more details please message me under my about page.


Written, directed, edited, and "music" by Andrew Bourne

Camera Operator Tristan Walker

Assistant Directors Cindy Martinez & Derek Shackelford

VFX Artist Lukas Melissas

Lighting: Coline Mahaut


Perri Havis, Griffin Larson, Cindy Martinez, Mrs. Williams, Lukas Melissas, Antonio Merida-Perez, Sophia Bradford, Noelle Calomeni, Brandon Hines, Morgan Griffin, Eileen Lamson, Caroline Bills, Deion Raymond, Maggie Seagraves, Jeff Havis, The Bregeth Children, Henry Friedman, Roswell High School