Just Because Its Legal, Doesn't Mean Its Not A Drug

Marijuanna, weed, Mary K, the devils lettuce...no matter what you choose to call her, in the eyes of 42 other states she is still considered illegal. So, when did the idea of getting high became the new "it" thing to do. When did smoking and the concept of weed in general became the social norm.

Living in Oregon, one of the original weed friendly states, since her legalization in 2014 I feel like the idea of smoking weed became a no biggie. Maybe, it came from growing up in a very conservative, small town or the fact my peer group never went near it. But by the time I graduated from high school in 2016, almost two years after we voted on measure 91, the idea of smoking weed freely was everywhere.

Going to a liberal college, the green of our school colors might as well represent green for weed. It seemed no matter where I stepped on campus the idea of smoking marijuana was preached. Teachers would speak freely about it, campus magazines dedicated to it and it seemed like everyone was either smoking or knew someone that was.

When did doing drugs become normalized? When did this idea of "being high"become the social norm.

Weed, although no concrete evidence has yet to be found behind it, is still a drug. The fact she became legalized does not make her affects of hullicinaziations, loss of control and judgement any less then it did before measure 91. You can still get a DUI after smoking, you still can get in trouble with the law depending on where you are smoking...just because its legal doesn't mean that all consequences are off the table.

So, you get high 24/. Is that something really to brag about? Is that something worth posting all over your social media account and dedicated instagrams to just purely smoking. Listen up buddy, just because it is legal in Oregon does NOT mean your future bosses aren't in some conservative state going through your accounts and finds your post from 2018 bragging about how many dab hits you took last night. Getting high, may make you feel like you are having some sort of artistic freedom moment, but its not going to land you the job in the future. Sure, write articles about how much you love weed, sure you are being true to yourself, but when it comes to getting a job in one of the 42 non-weed friendly recreational states you are sort of scr*wed.

Legalized or not, weed is still a drug. There is still a stigma associated with it. Smoking weed doesn't make you stupid or a horrible person. But we need to wake up and realized that above all, its still considered a drug. Its still bad, and honestly sad, if you are bragging how you are high all day long. Its an addiction. And its caused by a legalized drug. Drugs are bad. Its a phrase we grew up hearing. Legalized or not, weed still is a drug and needs to be remembered as one.

Go out an experiment if you feel like you do. But don't devote your life to a substance. Don't be the kid high 24/7. Don't post on your social media about you getting high. Because you are one of nine states that are completely legalized. Theres a world of 42 other states in America that still see weed as a criminal offense. Think wisely on what affect weed is having on your life. Because just cause its legal in your state, doesn't mean the next chapter of your life will be somewhere were its legal as well.

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