Jordan Hollywood Answers 10 Questions About His Album, 'FINALLY'
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Jordan Hollywood Answers 10 Questions About His New Album, Music Videos And Favorite Songs

The world better watch out for Jordan Hollywood because he's already started and will continue to make some real noise in the music industry.

Jordan Hollywood Answers 10 Questions About His New Album, Music Videos And Favorite Songs
Polo Pistola - Photo Provided by Capitol Music Group

Jordan Hollywood not only raps, but he sings, song-writes, produces, audio engineers and creative directs his music videos. Basically, what doesn't he do?

This past November, Jordan Hollywood released his album, "FINALLY!," and it is jammed packed with talent.

When you put his many music videos into the mix you can't help but want to hear and see more. What surprises me is that not a ton of people know about Jordan Hollywood and all I can say is that I have a feeling that will change soon. The world better watch out for Jordan Hollywood because he's already started and will continue to make some real noise in the music industry.

I was lucky enough to ask Jordan a few questions regarding his album, music videos, favorite songs and more. You can check them out below.

1. How does it feel to have your album "FINALLY!" out and into the world?

"It feels amazing. It feels great. It's a blessing. I worked real hard on it. I'm just excited that it's out."

2. What did the writing process look like for the album?

"To be honest I couldn't even tell you. Every song that I did I don't even remember. I do so many songs that I'd be lying if I told you I knew what I was doing when I made them. I'd be lying if I told you I knew what I was doing when I made the 'FREAK' song or 'LET ME FIND OUT.' I don't even remember what studio I did them at.

"I do know that my process for making music, in general, is different.

"Sometimes I get my producers to send me a pack of beats or I'll write lyrics on my phone when I'm in the car or on an airplane. I might just write it and go to the studio to lay it down. Sometimes I go into the studio booth and just freestyle. Every song is different. I don't like to get so caught up in a system or a routine.

"When you start getting caught in a system or routine that's when things start sounding the same. Then your music turns boring. It's a different approach to every record."

3. What is your favorite track on the album and why?

"'FREAK.' The song that's sampled is a song that everyone used to dance to at the parties when I was in middle school / high school, I used to DJ parties back in the day and I used to play that record all the time. It's a song called 'I'm A Freak' by Young Cash.

"I don't know every time I listen to it, it brings me back to the Broward County days where everyone was just having fun at parties. I really like that record."

4. Which artists do you look up to? Who influences you?

"The artist that I look up to the most is the Weeknd. My producers influence me especially when they send me beats with the crazy sounds and new melodies. I'm always excited to work on new records when they send me beats.

"I'm no longer influenced by people I don't know.

"I can't be influenced by someone who I never met or know personally because then it's like I don't know who I'm looking up to. I'm tired of looking up to people then realizing they're not who you thought they were."

5. You have been releasing music since 2011, how have you felt like you've grown as an artist over the years?

"I feel like I conquered something. I don't know what, but I feel like I conquered something that wasn't supposed to happen. Especially in 2011. No one believed in it. No one expected me to be where I am right now. I feel blessed at the same time."

6. I read that you spent some time ghostwriting verses for rappers. What made you decide to step away from that and share your own music with the world?

"My music makes me happier rather than writing for somebody else. I'm happier doing my own music rather than someone else doing my music."

7. Which song of yours would you choose to play to somebody who has never heard your music before?

"I would fucking play 'FREAK.' That song to me shows that I know how to make a hit record. It's melodic, it still has punch lines, it shows a lot of my different angles."

8. If you were to put together a mixtape with your favorite songs of all time what are a few that would definitely be on it?

Big Sean "Bounce Back"

G-Eazy "1942"

Kodak Black "Skrt"

Kodak Black "Need A Break"

Khalid "Location"

Jordan Hollywood "Exhale"

Kodak Black "MoshPit"

Drake "Under Ground Kings"

The Weeknd "The Hills"

2Pac "Dear Mama"

Lil Wayne "Sky's The Limit"

The Weeknd "Dark Times"

Jeremih "Planes"

9.  I wondered if you could speak a bit about the ideas and concepts behind the “EXPLOSION” music video? (Did you have this concept in your head right away or was it a lot of brainstorming of smaller ideas that combined into one?)

"It was right away. When I was listening back to the song I knew it was called 'EXPLOSION.' I knew I wanted something with an explosion. With my videos, I like to lead up with something big at the end so when I thought of 'EXPLOSION' I thought of bombs and war.

"When I was thinking of war I started realizing my director loves war stuff and that's how I brought him the idea and he went crazy when I told him."

10. In general, what are your thoughts on music videos? Do you enjoy creating them? Do you believe that they add to the experience of a song/make the meanings of them more powerful?

"One hundred percent. I think that in music there are only three ways that you can get your point across. That's musically, with the music it's number one. I think the visual is number two and your performance is number three. Those are the three ways that people perceive your music. I think that you have to hit all three to be one of the biggest artists.

"To be great you gotta have great music, visuals, and great performances.

"So yeah, I think it's important to have great videos and I have so much fun doing it. They're probably one of my favorite things to do."

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