11 Reasons Having A Real Job Is 1000x Better Than School
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Student Life

11 Reasons Having A Real Job Is 1000x Better Than School

Do you genuinely LIKE taking bogus classes and completing random assignments?

11 Reasons Having A Real Job Is 1000x Better Than School

I've been working for a little more than a week in my career post undergrad and I must say, it is SOOO much better than college. Here are all the reasons your career will be so much better than college.

1. Money

This goes without saying. When you are a working person, you suddenly have MONEY. It is so nice to be earning money instead of spending it out the wazoo to earn a piece of paper.

2. You have a life outside of school

You go to school for 5-8 hours, go to work, go to clubs/organizations, then go home and spend what little free time you do have studying and completing homework. It sucks. Every weekend and every afternoon are devoted to completing school work. When you have a career, you get to come home at the end of the day and that's it. You go about your life with peace of mind knowing you don't have any assignments to complete.

3. You get to have a normal schedule

For most careers, you show up from 8-5 give or take. At school, you may not have class until 3 PM one day and then an 8 AM the next day. The sporadic schedule can really mess you up if you like routine. A career can give you that stability whereas you're not always that lucky with school.

4. No homework/assignments

It's bad enough to sit in class all day, but then to go home and have all this homework? Yeah, no thanks.

5. Your weekends/evenings have a whole new meaning


6. You're able to go about your life without feeling the guilty loom of school

7. They're always celebrating something in the break room at work (HELLO, FREE FOOD)

8. You get paid to sit on the beach

Paid time off? I think yes.

9. Your bank account no longer borders on the negative side

10. Your time means something - no more pointless assignments that don't mean anything

11. The better you get, the more money you make

The better you get in school, the more assignments they give you with NO PAY.

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