Jessie Woo Is Not One to be Underestimated
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Jessie Woo Is Not One to be Underestimated

I am DEFINITELY a big fan... or to be correct, tribe member.

Jessie Woo Is Not One to be Underestimated

Where do I even start... I have no idea. My excitement for this woman's success can't be described. I don't even remember how I discovered her, Instagram makes it easy. All I know is, something about her was very refreshing, and I've been attached ever since.

At first, I simply viewed her videos for entertainment, I still do, but now I appreciate her for way more than just making me giggle. For a while, I always heard her mention wanting to start her singing career. She was so passionate about it. At times, she even doubted herself, not being sure if she would be received well by her fans, formally known as her "tribe" and other industry individuals. In my head, I always thought "girl do it, please do it!" I understand though, it is not that easy. We could want something so much but simply not have the resources to make it happen. Luckily, Woo gained all that plus more and finally went for it!

Okay, here comes the more exciting part. MONTHS before the release of her debut EP "Moods Of A Cancer", the vibe of an explosive volcano was in the air. She teased her tribe with snippets of her songs and visuals. I was especially excited because this was my very first time watching someone I consider a role model literally start from scratch and work their way up, without a massive backing like many other singers. I will never forget the first time I heard a bit of one of her featured songs "Trap Phone". I instantly knew that it would be my favorite from the album and I hadn't even heard it in its entirety.

Now its CLIMAX time! The day before the release, the EP was highly anticipated like a newborn baby; it was such a beautiful thing. BOOM midnight strikes, "Moods Of A Cancer" made its grand entrance on July 19th, 2019. Let me tell you, I was TIRED that night. However, I refused to go to sleep before listening to every single word she sung on that album, AND I DID! I knew every word from "Trap Phone" within that next 24 hours. Others soon followed.

"Vacation" quickly became the album's most popular single. It's very enjoyable, a fun summer party anthem! Like the other tribe members, I am excited to see the music video for it that she just wrapped up shooting in the beautiful country of Haiti, Woo's country of origin. Following "Vacation", singles such as "Pick Up the Phone", "Unattainable", and "Fill Me Up" gained an enormous amount of positive feedback; they are Jessie's more sexually explicit singles. This is no surprise though; she is well known on her social media platforms for speaking her mind about her personal sex life and how she views men and relationships.

My personal favorite, "Trap Phone" is somewhat similar to "Vacation". Both songs describe a night of fun and partying; "Trap Phone" takes on more of a traditional R&B sound, while "Vacation" is more like the current pop style that is very common in today's music industry. "Make It Last" is a calm, vulnerable side to Jessie. She sings about not getting all that she needs from her mate, most of that simply being love. Lastly, "No Wig" and "Zozo Appointment" originates from her hilarious Instagram videos about her personal experiences and feelings about life.

Jessie Woo shocked the hell out of me with how great her first EP is and as far as her overall success, I am just proud to say I experience it with her daily. She is one individual I am not ashamed to say I am inspired by and look up to. Even though I am very independent of how I make decisions and my outlook on life, Jessie has greatly influenced me to push harder and be myself every day of my life. I am so proud of how she represents the country of Haiti and Haitian artists. For as long as she and I are alive, I will always support her strive for greatness and growth. I can't say it enough, I am so proud of you girl!

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