What better way to keep yourself cool on hot sunny days than listening to Jesse McCartney? For those who do not know, this 90s heartthrob is now an indie singer and after all these years, his voice has aged quite well! For those who thirst to have a taste of Jesse McCartney's music on a hot sunny day, here are some song recommendations:

1. "Wasted"

The most recent single by Jesse McCartney that gets you bopping to every beat of the song. Not only does this song have catchy lyrics, but the memorable "You only call when you're wasted" gets you addicted to this song. This song never fails to keep you smiling and will only turn your day into a fun and positive one, the more you listen to it.

2. "How Do You Sleep?"

This hot love song gets you all pumped up and keeps you moving, clearing up blue skies and making the sun shine even brighter whenever this song is on play. Not to mention, this song makes you embrace the sunny heat and have you more active than ever!

3. "Better With You"

If you want a song that is very soothing, then this is the song for you. This calming song begins with acoustics as if the day is almost coming to end with the beautiful sun is setting on the horizon. This song is so relaxing that it brings peace and serenity to your day, which further makes the close of the day more beautiful to enjoy.

4. "Don't You"

This lesser known song by Jesse McCartney blasts a sultry chorus accompanied with female backup vocals. This song flows like a breeze and the strumming of the electric guitar only further brings excitement to your day!

5. "Beautiful Soul"

If you want a song that puts you in a romantic mood on a hot sunny day, then Jesse McCartney's "Beautiful Soul" is definitely the song you're looking for. This ultimate classic by Jesse McCartney will make you feel nostalgic and be swooned by his heavenly vocals. This song is perfect for those wanting to go down memory lane!

Did you feel any cooler now just by listening to Jesse McCartney?