Soulmates seem to be one fantasy everyone thinks about. I remember being little and dreaming of one day finding my soulmate. Thinking there was one guy out there that was made for just me and would turn my world upside down. Little did I know that by the middle of my sophomore year in college I would find my soulmate. Actually soulmates, seven of them to be exact. And these soulmates aren't guys that came into my life and swept me off my feet. They are the most incredible seven girls I know.

These girls are the fiercest, kindest, and most loyal people I've ever met. They push me to become the absolute best version of myself, not only by encouraging me to do so but by inspiring me with how truly amazing each one of them is. They are the type of girls who will drop whatever they are doing to come see me when I'm having a bad day. We've all wiped away each other's tears, shared countless laughs, and helped each other back up when one of us falls. Our similarities are what brought us together, but our differences are what cause us to all fit so perfectly together.

Our littles supporting us when we preformed a step routine in front of all FSL

I've always wanted to be a part of a "girl gang", and now I finally am (and let me tell you it lives up to the hype). The memories I make with these girls are going to be what I look back on when I'm older and reminiscing on my college years. Whether we are having a night in that consists of eating junk food and ranting about boys or going out for a night of fun, we always seem to somehow get into some wild situation that we can't stop laugh about the next day. I am incredibly lucky to have found a group of girls that makes life so unpredictable and interesting.

Now I know when you think "soulmate" you probably think of who you are going to end up marrying and starting a life with, but I've come to realize soulmates can't be confined to just romantic relationships. Your soulmate can be anyone in your life, and I'm lucky to call my seven best friends mine.

Friendsgiving, 2018