10 Tell-Tale Signs You Went To Boarding School
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Student Life

10 Tell-Tale Signs You Went To Boarding School

You're not fooling anyone.

10 Tell-Tale Signs You Went To Boarding School

1. You Still Wear Dress Code

Let’s be real, seeing students walking into class in sportswear and sweatpants at 11 a.m. is something you are not used to. People can spot you a mile away with your coordinated outfit consisting of Sperrys and a button down. On your worst day, you will be seen with an oversized sweater and jeans--maybe a sweatshirt if things are really bad.

2. You're well accustomed to doing your own laundry.

The laundry service takes forever (not to mention the thirty- minute walk to get there). Now, at college the laundry service might promise a faster turnaround time or even pick up and drop off right at your doorstep, but you know that doing your own laundry is key. Not only will you not have to worry about your clothes turning blue, but you also know where all your belongings are at all times instead of wondering if your favorite pair of granny-panties are going to end up in a senior’s laundry basket.

3. Nudity is normal.

This is major. After a few years of living with your peers you now feel probably too comfortable being your true self. Seeing people walk to the bathroom in their robes is humorous. You sport a towel rather than putting on a full blown snow suit. You still ask your friends if they want to have a shower party with you and don’t understand why it’s not just as acceptable to blast Closer in the shower as it is in the frats. Being nude in your room feels like second nature, and you will definitely forget to warn your roommate.

4. You know the best cafeteria food hacks

First of all, you still call the “cafeteria” the "dining hall." You know that all you need to make good mac & cheese is the dining hall pasta covered in some cheese that you stick in the microwave for a minute. You know the key to an amazing cookie is to melt it and to having the most satisfactory frozen yogurt is to sprinkle some Fruit Loops on top.

5. You know how to get your work done in a timely manner

You are constantly being asked if you even work at all and of course you do! You just happen to still have those scheduled hours of study hall ingrained in your brain. You are also no amateur to working in the middle of the night after you wake up from what was supposed to be a forty-five minute nap. Working between classes as you simultaneously eat lunch, call your parents, and respond to twenty different emails is second nature to you. You know, and are generally seen at, all the hotspots at the library, probably because that was the social scene at boarding school.

6. You are overjoyed at the prospect of hooking up in a bed

We have all been there: the back room of the dining hall, under the stairs, in a classroom -- it’s gross and sometimes even leaves scars. Yes, the teachers were all well aware, and it made for an awkward sports practice when you had rug burn all over your knees. Now, the idea of hooking up in a room without having to sneak through a window or sprint through a hallway is overwhelming. Sure, you might miss those romantic nights watching the stars or steamy make outs in a boiler room, but this is the moment you have been dreaming of. I mean, you can now lay comfortably without a trashcan propping open your door and three feet on the floor.

7. You’re basically a member of the UN

Going to school with people from all around the world has made you feel “global,” or at least that is what your boarding school calls it. So, in college when you meet someone from Hong Kong or Bermuda you always ask if they know your friends. Not to mention, name dropping. You either love the same people or are quick to realize you hate the same people.

8. You consider your RA’s to be like your proctors or prefects

Instead of being scared of your RA’s you still treat them like your proctors or prefects, and expect them to treat you more as a child or friend than a responsibility. You find it weird that your RA’s don’t have “duty” nights where you can just walk in and ask for help with your homework or have a nice chat. In fact, you are also confused as to why the faculty’s office hours don’t include playing with their kids or pets.

9. Sick was your middle name

You have probably contracted every illness from mono to the flu to lice to bizarre bug bites. Everyone at college is getting sick while you’re just hanging on the sidelines because you have already had everything humanly possible. The nurses became your best friends, and now the prospect of not even having a “health center” where you can conveniently go to skip class and take naps is horrifying.

10. You miss your friends more than your family

You are used to not seeing your family every day, but not seeing your friends everyday? Now that’s depressing. You miss waking up to the group messages asking who is at breakfast, or the thirteen missed calls telling you to wake up. You miss going to take a nap in whoever’s room is closest (whether you asked or not) and relentlessly torturing your friend when you have a class in the room they hooked up in last night. Yes, you have made new friends in college and love them, but nothing beats the bonds that come from a Saturday night spent making fun of whatever bizarre entertainer your school brought in that weekend, waking up early to go skinny dipping in the lake, or sitting in the dining hall for three hours laughing, crying, and scaring freshmen.

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