15 College Necessities You OBVIOUSLY Need In Your Dorm
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Student Life

15 College Necessities You OBVIOUSLY Need In Your Dorm

Iems that almost every college student needs for their dorm room

15 College Necessities You OBVIOUSLY Need In Your Dorm
Courtney Beish

As you are going off to college, you may need a little help in knowing what you are going to need for your dorm room.

All throughout the summer you assume what all you may need for your dorm, but when you actually get to your new "home" is when you really will know what all you need.

Below are16 items that will be a necessity or stuff that will make you feel like you are at home, and not in aforeign place:

1. Fridge/Microwave

One of the biggest necessities (in my opinion) because you can store your food and/or drinks, and heat up food.

2. Trash Can

Another big necessity. I would advise buying two trash cans: one for the room and one for the bathroom.

3. White Board

You can use a white board to write all of your major dates and upcoming events

4. Cork Board(s)

Using cork boards you can hang up pictures and drawings to make your room feel more roomy

5. Wall Décor

You want your room to feel as much as home as possible, so hanging up pictures or wall décor will help

6. Calendar/Planner

You can use both a calendar and a planner to write down your assignments for each class and upcoming due dates

7. Desk Lamp

A desk lamp is helpful, so at night instead of having the main light on you can have the lamp on.

8. Laptop/Tablet

Having a tablet or a laptop is a big deal because majority of the teachers nowadays contact you via email or blackboard. The teachers may also have some of their assignments loaded onto blackboard. Another thing you can use you laptop or tablet for is to watch movies during your free time.

9. Surge Protector

Nobody can ever have enough plug outlets, especially in college.

10. 3 or 5 Drawer Cart

3 or 5 drawer carts are not expensive, so if you invest in a couple of these then you should be set on storage!

11. Drinks/Snacks

At most colleges you have to buy a meal plan, but if you are running late to class or your hungry or thirsty in the middle of the night it might be a good idea to have some snacks and drinks available.

12. Reading Books

For some, who like to read, reading books will be a good item to bring to your dorm room, so you aren't bored. When you have a little extra free time you can hop in your bed and read.

13. Floor Mat

To make your new room feel more at home you can buy a rug either for the outside of your room, or the inside.

14. Lounge Chair

Having a lounge chair in your room might be a good investment if you know you will be spending a decent amount of time in your room. Some dorms will already have a desk chair, but you will probably want more than a desk chair or a bed to sleep on.

15. Command Strips / Command Hooks

A lot of colleges will not let you put nails or tacks in the wall, so they suggest using command strips or command hooks. They are extremely helpful because you will have to hang up most of your décor with them.

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