Is It Really Easy to Get Millions of Followers on Instagram?
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Is It Really Easy to Get Millions of Followers on Instagram?

Are your mom, dad, and other relatives sending you to follow requests on Instagram too?

Is It Really Easy to Get Millions of Followers on Instagram?

Are your mom, dad, and other relatives sending you to follow requests on Instagram too?

Do you have this strong urge to tell them that you have already left Facebook for them?

Well, these are the regular laments of everyone in generation z!

While we are obsessed with keeping our private lives private, we are also obsessed with sharing our special moments with our social circle, and Instagram is where the social circle exists right now.

All this is fine and well. But the real problem arises when this platform of sharing your special moments becomes a competition in terms of likes. Yes, we have a habit of making everything competitive, and it seldom plays well in our favor.

This new competition of accumulating engagement and followers have had more toxic effect than doing any good. This generates mixed emotions amongst these social media platform users.

Where some users barely have a handful of connections with closed ones, some with extraordinary profiles have millions of users. And once you look at it, it generates emotions like envy, dejectedness, low self-esteem, etc.

But the question that you need to ask is, how did they manage to do it? The content they post seems average. There is nothing unique about them or their profile. But, how did they manage it?

The secret behind a huge number of followers and engagement

Well, there are some tricks and secrets that they have been keeping from you. There was a time when you had to be a celebrity or a public figure to amass such followers.

But things are different now. As we have explored this world of social media further, some people have come up with unique work cases for Instagram. More than a social connection website, it is now being used as a platform to advertise various products and services. And, businesses are using people with huge followers to do promotions for them.

This new trend of Instagram influencers has made this race to gain huge followers more rampant than ever. And to satisfy this need and requirement of having many followers, some PR professionals have launched a new service where they add a certain number of followers to your profile. Some do through Instagram growth campaign or some just add random bot numbers to the profile.

Is it worth stressing over other users’ Instagram users?

While the genuineness of these followers is still under question, most of these companies seeking to use Instagram as a platform for promotions look at the engagement more than the number of followers.

But, if you wonder how this extraordinary number of followers is possible, here's your answer. Yes, few profiles deserve the merit of putting so much effort into their content. Still, most of the influencer profiles on Instagram have used this method to add followers rather than earn them. For example, Influencer like Shawn Sharma has 3.5 million followers while the engagement is below 0.3% with bots comments which is a red flag

However, the bottom line is this number of followers should not bother you at all. Moreover, it is not about having a million followers who don't care or are fake but about having genuine connections that appreciate you and your content.


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