Advice for Traveling to Ireland
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20 Pieces Of Advice For Your Travels To Ireland

After visiting the beautiful country of Ireland more times than I can count in my life, I thought writing down my tips would help.

20 Pieces Of Advice For Your Travels To Ireland

If you are going to Ireland anytime soon, or not, here is some advice from a frequent traveler to Ireland.

1. Dublin is beautiful, but there is way more to Ireland than just it's capital

Photo Credit: Aisling O'Donnell

Oh the capital of Ireland, the beautiful Dublin. Beautiful buildings are everywhere, Trinity College, and a great buzzing city vibe lie here. This is definitely in my opinion the most fast paced place in Ireland. But in order to experience, the true beauty of Ireland, visit Dublin of course, but make sure to travel to other counties and stay in the countryside or a quaint town at some point.

2. Weight Gain is inevitable...I'm not kidding


I'll be the first to admit, any vacation causes weight gain, unless you are super picky and super healthy. Otherwise expect and embrace a little weight gain while enjoying the food of a different culture and what they have to offer. Ireland offers their famous Irish breakfast, great bread, with of course butter, Taytos, and Cadbury chocolate. ENJOY!

3. Get yourself a 99

Photo Credit: Aisling O'Donnell

99s are one of my favorite things about Ireland. Some shops have a cone outside to show that they offer these special treats. Although it is just a vanilla cone with a chocolate flake stuck in it, it is way more delicious than how it sounds.

4. Ireland is comparable to the size of Indiana, yet it takes forever to drive and travel

Photo Credit: Aisling O'Donnell

If you need to get from the top of the country to the bottom, expect it to take at least 6 hours. I'm not kidding. Their narrow roads have gotten better and more major roads and motorways have been added, but the time it takes to travel is still long based upon the size of the country.

5. You drive on the left side

Yes, you drive on the left. The wheel is on the right. Just the opposite of almost every country. Ireland is one of the few countries which drives on the left. Also, most cars are manual, not automatic. The speed is also read in kilometers per hour

6. Cycling is really popular

Cycling is quite a popular sport here. The people love to get their cardio in.

7.Locals care about their county like we care about our own states

Each county loves it's county like Kanye loves Kanye. They are diehards for their county. Each county has a GAA Hurling and Gaelic Football team which competes in a conference for the All Ireland. This is a huge deal. If your county wins or makes it to the final, your county will celebrate for the entire year. The counties all come out and support wearing their jerseys and raising their county's flag's colors proudly.

8.Showers have this thing called an immersion

In order to have hot water in the shower, this heater called the immersion has to be turned on. Otherwise, enjoy your ice cold shower!

9. Expect rain ... like everyday

It rains basically every day. Bring some sort of rain jacket and umbrella with you. Sometimes you get lucky and only get a quick rain shower, but it still rained.

10. But when it is sunny, the sun is super strong

If you travel to Ireland, especially during the summer, if it is sunny, the sun is especially strong. It may not feel hot, but you will get a way worse burn than you think.

11. Buying food is cheap

Food is so cheap. You can buy a month's worth of food for about one hundred and fifty euros. That is insane. Also, in Lidl and Aldi, you need to bring your own plastic bags or buy them there to pack your food.

12. Cost of living is cheap

Living in Ireland especially the countryside is relatively cheap compared to America. A four bedroom house can be rented for 650 euros a month. Everything else is cheaper. Crazy.

13. Alcohol costs more

Ireland is known for it's drinking and pubs, but buying alcohol is a bit more expensive for those who are over the age of 18.

14. Each county has their own accent, hard to tell, but there is a difference

Most people do not notice the difference in the brogues.

15. Northern Ireland is a part of Great Britain and the currency is Sterling

The North is ruled by the monarchy of the Queen in the United Kingdom. The North accepts a different currency called Sterling. The North and the Republic of Ireland split in the early 1900s.

16. Most cars take diesel and are manual

If you know how to drive stick shift, you are in luck! Renting out manual cars is way cheaper than renting automatic cars in Ireland. Most people drive manual and most cars accept diesel.

17. College costs are cheaper

If you want to get a good education at a way lower and more reasonable price, Ireland offers cheaper college education, but you have to be decided the day you enter and cannot really change your major.

18. If you are going slow on a road, you will get passed

Passing is common on motorways and highways in America as well as in Ireland. Except on two lanes people will pass you if they have the opportunity to more often.

19. Ireland is run by small businesses

A country that is run by Mom and Pop stores in each town. Very little huge retailers and supermarkets exist in Ireland. Yes, they do exist, but they are not as easy to come by compared to little shops in the towns.

20. A good percentage of the population lives in Dublin

Population density is at it's highest in Dublin. The countryside has lower population densities and people can be spread apart over miles.

I hope this will help you with your future Irish travels!

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