12 Things You Know Too Much About If You're Too Involved On Campus
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Student Life

12 Things You Know Too Much About If You're Too Involved On Campus

Cue internal screaming.

12 Things You Know Too Much About If You're Too Involved On Campus
Nikki Anderson

If, like me, you are HIGHLY involved on your campus there are a few things that only we truly understand.

1. You're always checking your email.

Whether it's reading the 50+ emails in your inbox by 9 a.m., emailing your advisors and organization members incessantly, or use your school email as your main form of communication you are literally always checking your email. Sometimes my email app is the first thing I open when I unlock my phone out of sheer habit.

2. Speaking of email, your signature is crazy long and very elegant.

Not only is your graduation year and multiple majors and minors listed, but so is your position with SGA, which class you TA for, the internship you're currently doing, which office you work for on campus, the social AND service fraternity you are a member of, your tour guide position and in severe cases a professional picture of yourself (yikes).

3. Everyone on campus knows you.

Even if you think they don't, they do. You run around campus like a polished chicken with its head cut off, and when you go to a small school everyone sees and hears your name constantly. You should honestly feel flattered; you're a do-it-all type student. Of course everyone knows who you are! And in a good way, too.

4. You are the face of your department.

With the responsibility of being the do-it-all student, you most likely are highly involved in your department and are BFFs with your academic advisors and professors. They love you. You are their shining star and the freshman they teach all idolize you. That is some major networking right there and some amazing recommendations letters you are about to receive.

5. Your resume is too long.

Your advisor is always trying to make your resume more concise and you have about 20 different resume templates saved on your computer. It's annoying, and just when you think you have finally perfected it you need to change something again. You may look super polished on paper, but that one paper took too damn long to put together and lots of tears and ripped papers.

6. You can never get lunch or dinner with your friends.

What's a lunch break? You have to meet with the Dean, your V.P. of your organization AND finish replying to those emails you never had time to get to this morning. Good luck seeing your friends throughout the day.

7. Your calendar and/or planner are your saving grace.

If something is not written down or put into your calendar, it will not happen because you ALWAYS have things you need to do and things you need to give your attention to. Your friends probably hate that you have asked them to schedule times to see you throughout the week.

8. Responding to emails in class because you didn't have any other time

And then wondering why you can't remember what was discussed in class.

9. Forgetting to eat

You were so busy still working on those damn emails during your hour lunch break between classes and now it's 11:55 p.m. and you still haven't eaten all day.

10. 24 hours is SO not enough time in your day

At least Beyonce also only has 24 hours in her day, that's pretty cool.

11. Another on-campus internship? I can add it to my schedule

Hahaha. Why? Stop taking on more than you have time in your day to do! I know you really really want to do it but you need to be able to sleep more than four hours!

12. You are a multitasking pro.

The upside to being busy and doing it all is that you have SUPER good time management skills and having a "full plate" does not intimidate you.

13. A lot of your actual work probably goes unnoticed.

In order to get everything done that you need to, you have some kick-ass skills and unfortunately all the extra efforts you give to everything you do doesn't always get noticed. It's frustrating but it doesn't ever change your overachiever ways.

14. You have a "If you want it done right, do it yourself" attitude

Sometimes it's a good attitude to have and sometimes you become a micromanager. Either way, find some balance please.

15. You party just as hard as you work

I'm raising a glass to you, fellow overachiever! You deserve more than anyone on your campus to let loose and down that bottle as soon as your duties are taken care of Friday night.

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