They're shy. They're reclusive. They're one of a kind. But they're also some of the greatest people you'll come across in your life.

Welcome to the wonder surrounding an introvert. I will explain to you the glory of having a reserved ally by your side. So, get your popcorn, grab your sheepish pal, and please leave your shoes at the door.

As we all know, some people can be absolutely withdrawn, nervous, and more than likely insecure. These aren't people you leave behind to sit in their house all day. These are the type of people that should be gracefully snatched up and held to your heart closely.

Believe it or not, someone bashful can be a people person, but they may not be overly confident in showing it. Shy people tend to be friendly, secretively caring, and unable to fully show you the extent of their powers.

These special beings may have a past. One in which people and their wild antics forced the introverts to build a wall to protect themselves from the rest of the world. They may have been ridiculed, bullied, and all of the other magical workings that humanity seems to find cute. Or, the hermits may just be comfortable being hermits. Maybe there is no past.

Introverts are spectacular because once you break past their shell, you get the honor that not many people get the chance to grip. You hold a spot that is very important to a shy human. You are a good friend. And once you are a good friend, you see a change in your quiet acquaintance. They become more social, more comfortable and outgoing, and even tend to take part in activities that you didn't imagine them doing so before. This isn't always the case, but it is somewhat of a miracle.

When you come across an introvert, your mind goes bonkers. You have to learn how to gain said introvert's trust and attention. You may try and try to no avail, but here's a little secret. Treat them like you would anyone else. Be exactly who you are, and if they find your personality attractive, they will deem you friend-worthy. But never force an introvert into doing things that they don't want to do. Hermits aren't exactly the party type, so politely invite one to a gathering if you wish to, but take no as an accepted answer.

Shyness can get in the way of life, however, with proper nurturing and friendly guidance, you can help a friend overcome their obstacles. Even if they can't seem to work out their reclusive behavior, you can take part by just being someone that they can lean on; the one person they can consult if their timid nature allows it.

Be a good person, and you'll change someone's life.