9 Strange Phrases I've Started Saying Since Being at College
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Student Life

9 Strange Phrases I've Started Saying Since Being At College

Every time I come home and say these things I get really weird looks from my family.


Alright, bear with me. In this segment of Sarah word vomits, I'm going to explain some of the phrases I've started saying since being at college. Relateable right? Some of these phrases are inside jokes but don't worry I'll explain them so you feel included but more importantly so I don't sound completely crazy.

1. "Yee haw"

I was watching "Hercules" with my roommates one night, as we all do, I noticed one scene where our home boy Herc is on his Pegasus and he throws his fist in the air and yells "Yee haw!" I laughed so hard because I felt like it didn't really fit his character and all the movie critic stuff. So now instead of simply answering "yes" to a question I just say "yee haw" and nod my head.

2. That's "whack"

This one is pretty simple. I've always found it weird that we say "that's crazy" when we're surprised by something. Isn't it kind of offensive to, you know, actually crazy people that can't help it. I thought I should find something different to say that made me feel better. So instead when I want to say "that's crazy!" I say " that's whack". That's it :)

3. "I'm gonna freak out!"

I don't know about you but I'm often, very often, stressed out over actually nothing. As we all are. On one of these days where I was feeling particularly frustrated, I looked up at my roommates from my laptop and just said very loudly "I'm gonna freak out!" and then went right back to my work like nothing happened. They were very confused as to why I just yelled that. I explained to them that I was just feeling a little overwhelmed. Now, every time I get frustrated I say that and I know I should probably take a break before I explode.

4. "I'm gonna kill you"

First, let it be known that this is said sarcastically. I'm not actually going to kill anyone. I AM NOT A MURDERER. Now that that is said, I usually say this when I'm very stressed out and one of my friends says or does something to intentionally annoy me. It's a joke. It means I'm stressed and annoyed and is followed with laughter. I'm going to say again, I wont actually kill anyone.

5. "Love you tons and lots"

One late brisk August night, one of my friends decided to go down to the dining center to grab some food. She said "bye guys I love you". Half asleep, I looked over from my bed and muttered "love you tons and lots". Now, every time one of us leaves the room we all say that.

6. "Hello?!" 

This one comes from one of my roommates just like pretty much all of them. One of them, when she gets confused or disgusted or just generally sees something that she wants to react to says "hello?!". Basically using it as an interjection. For instance, her computer froze "ummmm hello??" or maybe she sees a puppy on the street, "hello?!!". It's just weird and really funny so naturally in an attempt to become my roommates I know say "hello?!" to actually everything and I can't stop. help. :)

7. "Fun and fresh"

I'm very ashamed of this one. If you don't live under a rock, you know of the youtuber James Charles and all of the weird things he says. One of them is "fun and fresh". When someone is telling him something that he likes instead of saying "oh, cool!" he says "fun and fresh!". It's really weird but funny at the same time. My friends and I started saying this ironically but now it has evolved into a part of my everyday vocabulary. I am very ashamed to admit that I say this on average 20 times a day. Yes, I am getting help and am actively trying to stop. I know it's dumb. I know.

8. "Littie tittie"

One fine day, I was in the elevator with my friends and we heard this frat guy turn to his friend and say "okay, littie tittie." After we got off, we all laughed because we forgot that people actually say that. For real. An adult male said that to one of his friends. Now, if we don't say "yee haw" in response to things, we say "littie tittie."

9. "Well I'm gonna go die"

This is probably the most relatable thing you've ever heard. When things are stressing you out passed "I'm gonna freak out" level I say "well I'm gonna go die". For instance, while I was registering for my next semester classes this one came out a lot. That was the most intense 8 minutes of my whole life.

We all pick up phrases in college that make our parent look at us weird. These are mine. I know they're weird but whose arent?

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