Reasons Why Summer Breaks Sucks
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Belly Button Ring Tans And 9 Other Inconveniences Of Summer

Summer is all fun and tans, but after the tenth sunburn of the season, its time to face the music and retire our bathing suits for the year.

Belly Button Ring Tans And 9 Other Inconveniences Of Summer
Georgina Fernandez

Swim. Tan. Sleep in. Swim. Tan. Sleep in. All on endless repeat. You endured the bitter cold winter months, trapped in between seasonal depression, piles of midterm exams and potential frostbite. When June 1st hits, you can feel the freedom of summer ripping off the cold layers of disgust that winter brought along. Flash forward two months, and you are in the dead of August. The sun is piercing down from above. Your skin is sun-kissed, and you don't remember the last time you had to set an alarm. With all the summer fun, you can't help but realize all that summer brings that makes you wish you were in pumpkin spice season. The endless repeat and the endless routine geta old after a while. From sunburns to long distance relationships, here are some summer inconveniences that make you wish for your sweater weather back in town.

1. Endless lines

When did the world get so crowded? Anywhere you go, from airport security to getting an ice cream cone, you find yourself stuck behind an endless line. To add to it, all your old "kid-free" locations are now filled with children driving their parents insane. Between standing behind a screaming group of third-grade girls and the heat pounding on your shoulders, you look forward to the chill September months to greet you again, allowing you to get to places you want without the long wait.

2. ​Belly button ring tans and other unwanted tan marks


Your favorite bathing suit has left behind a precious gift of tan marks for you to remember it during the fall months to come. With it, nearly everything else that you had on those last two months have left marks behind. From the annoying circle your bellybutton ring leaves behind to the sandal straps on your feet, your tan marks can light up the darkness in any room.

3. ​Wait, what did I learn last term?


Wait, what did I learn last term?

Je ne sais pas! Was there even a spring term? You remember a mixer of beer bong tournaments and stressing about finals, but when it comes to what you actually learned, you have no clue. After a long school year, you have replaced all your memories of conjugations and quadratic formulas with new song lyrics and pool parties. Guess it is time to hit the books for a quick refresher before week one rolls around again.

​4. Best friend withdrawal


Homesick? How about person-sick? The worst part of summer has to be that you and your bestie are torn apart between summer jobs, family vacations, and going back home. Yes, its chill to see some of your old high school classmates, but a summer without your best friend at your side is nothing. You two finally have free time off of school, but you two are shipped off into two different areas. Not fair. Not at all.

5. Long distance relationships


And to make things worse, your significant other is spending the summer back home too. Instead of long nights on the beach and s'mores next to the campfire, you are stuck beside the two 15-year-olds swapping spit at the movies theaters. On your most romantic evenings, you find yourself cozying up with a bottle of wine as you binge-watch "The Notebook" for the 10th time.

6. Hello, my name is ... and I am a Netflix Addict


You realized you had a problem when you realized you watched six seasons of "Modern Family" in a month. It got so bad, that when you watched half of the new season of "Orange Is The New Black," you had to put yourself on a "one episode a day policy."

​7. Dear Google, can a human die of boredom?


Symptoms may include excessive sleeping, overeating, Pintresting, and finding joy in organizing your spice rack.

The free time is nice, but after doing everything on your summer bucket list and realizing your wallet is growing thinner, you find yourself laying on your bed asking yourself, "What is next?" With your friends out of town on vacation, you can easily find yourself in a state of never-ending boredom.

​8. Social media envy


If you didn't move much from your couch and only traveled to the world of Fortnite, you may be feeling a little bit of envy whenever you scroll down your social media feed. Between photos of "so and so" in Paris and "so and so" taking selfies with the Statue of David, you can feel that little green jealously bug growing inside of you.

9. Parental supervision


Having home-cooked meals every night and a hug from mom just a few doors down is always is a nice special treat. However, after two months under parental surveillance, you are ready for your own freedom and ability to come home whenever you want to. Don't get us wrong parents, we love you, but we need our space. And I am sure after two months of our attitude, you may be ready to send us back to school too.

10. Summer "cologne"


You are ready to retire the acidic smell of your bug spray mixed into your sweat for your perfume and cologne. Although it saves you a lot of awkward moments scratching every inch of your body, it does not go all that well when you are out on a cute summer date.

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