I love books. It's a simple yet vast and important love which I possess wholeheartedly. This is why it pains me whenever someone tells me they don't read. I get it. Sometimes people are too busy, or they'd rather spend their time doing something else, or they just don't like it. Like, I totally get it and I am definitely not here to shove the importance of reading down your throats. However, I am here to push the importance of books.

Nowadays, books come in all shapes and sizes and types. You can get e-reader apps on your phones, buy actual e-readers such as Kindles and Nooks, and of course, the run of the mill paper book. I myself personally prefer a physical book as opposed to an e-reader, but I do own a Kindle and I totally have the Kindle app on my phone. There are some people out there however, let's just call them Book Elitists for fun, who are physical book or no book. This concept is fine for someone personally, but there is this odd trend of these Book Elitists making fun or just being plain nasty to those who prefer e-readers, telling them that they are not true readers.

I have several comments on this. The first being, yes, there is even drama in the book lovers society because that is who we are as humans.

Another, more important comment is: why? Why does the method in which a person chooses to enjoy books have any effect on you? Why would someone's preference to a certain type of book be any of your concern. And why does the choice of an e-reader over a physical book make someone any less of a reader than you? They're very likely reading the same books as you just in a different format. For a more concrete example, I read the three "Maze Runner" books originally as physical books that I checked out from the library. Then, I chose to buy them for my Kindle because Kindle books are often a lot cheaper than physical books. And, guess what, it was the exact same book and I read it just the same.

Another comment I have is, do you all know how convenient e-readers are for people who are poorly sighted? You can make the text so big on those e-readers that only one word can fit on a page! It's pretty cool. This also offers a way to get a book instantly. I go to the Kindle bookstore, I find a book, I click purchase, and next thing you know I have a new book. All of this can be done without having to get up from my bed and put real on people clothes.

Okay. My rant is over. I just felt that those who prefer e-readers or even just own e-readers needed someone to explain to the Book Elitists that they are real book lovers as well. And for those who argue that only real books have that certain, awesome smell, they have candles, air fresheners, and even soap for that.