If Ohio Colleges Had A Professional Sports Team
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If Ohio Colleges Had A Professional Sports Team

As if we already don't?

If Ohio Colleges Had A Professional Sports Team

Ohio carries a unique blend of universities which provide great leeway for anyone wanting to go to school in the buckeye state. This richness in diversity present with the schools provides great room for comparison for many things including the sports each school would play.

Ohio State: Football

Let's face it. While OSU is a great school with many amazing programs to choose from, the main thing they are known for is their football. You can't talk about Ohio State without anybody mentioning their football team. Football is central to their identity just like it is to football players themselves.

Miami: Hockey

If you take a walk around Miami's campus, you will notice a common trend of frat bros wearing jerseys of random professional athletes for the fashion. But most jerseys you will see among the people who go to school here is hockey jerseys. Miami's hockey program has continued to be a top ranked team in recent years. The team is so great that it has inspired a culture of hockey fan fanatics throughout campus.

Kenyon: Quidditch

Kenyon is a very out-there school. Knowing this, we must give them an out-there sport. In addition, their dining hall looks very similar to the one at Hogwarts.

Bowling Green: Bobsledding

It is so cold here all the time that the school must be given a winter sport. While there is probably not even a bobsledding team at BG, the school might as well make one given the ugly conditions up in Bowling Green, Ohio.

Ohio University: Body-Building

Who am I kidding? People on this campus drink so often that they might as well have created the dad-bod. At OU, beer comes before fitness. Although, if you are a college athlete here, you probably find desperate ways to avoid the crazy drinking culture.

Xavier: Basketball

Not sure how, but Xavier always manages to have a decent basketball team.

Wittenberg: Volleyball

Wittenberg's women's volleyball team is already professional.

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