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To The People Who Read My Articles, But Aren't Confident Enough To Tell Me

I know you're lurking. I can see you lurking.

Kate Moore

I know you're lurking. I can see you lurking.

Why are you scared to compliment me?

Some people out there are too scared to compliment/ give others positive feedback. This is because they consider those people a threat.

No one in this world is a threat except the person you are tomorrow and the person you were yesterday.

We should be competing with ourselves, no one else.

Every time you get a thought of some positivity, you should share it. You should not bottle up the amazing things you are capable of saying to someone.

You do not realize how one compliment/sentence/message could really, positively impact someone's life.

Don't be a hater. Don't be an envious, "negative nelly." Share your positivity with the world.

The next time you really like someone's hair or someone's shoes, freakin tell them. What is the worst possible outcome? Exactly, nothing.

38,000 views on an article, and only (maybe) 10 people have said they enjoyed reading my work.

I know you see what I write, and I know you enjoy it. So why not tell me? Why not spread around some positivity like PB&J?

Don't be insecure, complimenting someone else will not make you look less than.

It actually makes you glow more.

Think about that one.

You're welcome.

*Drops mic.*

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