“I Do not Pass the PMP Exam through the Self-study!” and the Frequently Asked Questions
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“I Do not Pass the PMP Exam through the Self-study!” and the Frequently Asked Questions


“I Do not Pass the PMP Exam through the Self-study!” and the Frequently Asked Questions


Because the PMP test scores are not published, many candidates only know the results of the test and get their transcripts. But they do not know about their test conditions. If you have passed the PMP exam and then you have no questions to worry. What about the one who have not passed the exam ? What are their problems? How can it be improved?

Retake the PMP exam is not cheap. It is important to know the reasons why you failed the PMP exam and the blind spots. You can save a lot of money on the exam.

First of all, how do we score the PMP exam?

1. How does the PMP Exam Score?

PMP score refers that you can pass the exam with 60% accuracy. For example, 175 multiplies 60% is 106. So it means that you need to answer 106 questions correctly.

Note: 25 unmarked questions will not be counted. So 106 questions can't include those 25 questions.

2. The Analysis of the Four Main Types of Questions in the PMP Examination

1. The concept questions account for 15%, which is not difficult, and you can basically find the answer directly from the book.

2. Input and output questions account for 20%, which is the difficult part. Only by mastering the method can you answer the questions well.

3. Situational questions account for 60% (at present, almost 100% of the exams are situational questions. Concept questions, input and output questions, and even calculation questions are the situational tests). Candidates find the test points from the question stem and answer them.

4. Calculation questions account for 3-5%, which are mainly from cost, time and procurement, risk and communication. And calculation questions are generally relatively easy.

Secondly, what are the common questions about PMP scores?

3. Common Problems Summary for the Failure of the Self-study PMP Exam

1. There is no direction for PMP learning, and it focuses on five major processes.

2. I don't know the PMP test types, so I don't review the key points.

3. Without a complete review plan, I study alone in a closed environment. I don't understand some knowledge points and I have nobody to turn to.

4. I am not skilled in the knowledge points of PMP test and lack of key knowledge points of the PMBOK.

5. I do not finish enough questions. I only did the real question, and the simulation question and the daily practice all have no time to do.

6. The PMP test answer skill is deficient

More PMP exam notes and PMP real questions, please go to SPOTO.

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What can you gain from me?

1. Passed the PMP exam

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