We college students understand how we won't pay $3 for a toilet plunger if we can help it. Here is a solid method to unclog your toilet without needing a toilet plunger (and it doesn't involve sticking your hand down there)! Enjoy.

1. Pour dish soap or shampoo into the toilet bowl 

This will loosen up the contents clogging the toilet (unless it's a tennis ball or something)

2. Pour hot water into the toilet bowl 

Make sure it's not boiling, or it'll break your toilet and cost far more in damages than a toilet plunger would've! The hot water will help to break down the contents.

3. Let sit for an hour

4. Re-attempt to flush

5. If it didn't work, repeat and wait more time 

If it didn't work, just put in a work order if you can. Or go buy a toilet plunger.