Treatment: How to overcome an addiction
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Treatment: How to overcome an addiction

There is a personal vulnerability to addiction

Treatment: How to overcome an addiction

In the past, addictions were associated exclusively with drugs, tobacco, and alcohol and gambling. Today we know that addiction can be presented in different ways. In fact, in the last few years, other addictions have arisen, mainly from the hand of new technologies, such as mobile or Internet addiction. However, there are also people addicted to sex, food, shopping, and even work.

What is addiction?

The addiction is a dependence of a substance, activity or relationship that drags the person to self-destructive behaviors, although he is conscious of the damages that these provoke. The addict gradually abandons his interests and daily activities to immerse him compulsively in the consumption or in the activity that causes him pleasure. As a result, there is a serious deterioration in his health and/or in his social and work life.

There are different addictions, among the most common we find:

• Smoking

• Internet addiction

• Drug addiction (cocaine, cannabis, designer drugs, etc.)

• Work addiction

• Alcoholism

• Gambling (Addiction to the game

• Mobile addiction

Causes of a person becoming addicted

There is a personal vulnerability to addiction. However, dependence is the result of the interaction of biological factors (such as the characteristics of the nervous system), environmental and psychological factors. In fact, it is estimated that genetic variation represents only between 1-2% of the risk of developing an addiction.

The process through which a person falls into the clutches of addiction begins with what is called the "knowledge phase". At that time the person comes into contact with the potentially addictive substance or activity and experiences its effects. After that phase, the person can move away or continue consuming, the decision will depend on family, emotional, intellectual and/or educational factors.

In fact, over the years we have been able to identify a series of risk factors that make a person more vulnerable to addiction, among them we find:

• Substance use by parents

• Little family discipline or little supervision

• Family problems

• Physical abuse

• Economic and social deprivation

• Favorable attitudes of friends towards substances or activities that generate addiction

• Psychopathologies such as to conduct disorder and antisocial personality disorder

• Serious conflicts and crisis situations

Alcoholism is 3 to 4 times more common in people who have a close relative with this disorder.

After, repeated exposure to a substance or activity that causes pleasure generates changes in brain regulation that contribute to maintaining addictive behavior. These changes affect areas of the brain related to the perception of reward, motivation, decision making, and impulsivity.

Symptoms of addictions

Regardless of whether it is a behavioral addiction or a substance, there are some common symptoms of drug rehab that accepts Tricare insurance, they may indicate a problem:

Increased tolerance, which means that the person must consume greater amounts of the substance or dedicate more and more time to the activity to obtain the same effects.

Recurring concern about how to get the substance or how to spend more time immersed in the activity, so that these ideas become an obsession.

Loss of control, both over thoughts and feelings and behaviors. In fact, although the person strives to abandon the addictive behaviors, he does not succeed.

Dependence on the substance or activity to feel good, accompanied by irritability and anxiety when you cannot consume or practice the activity.

Loss of interest for activities that previously produced satisfaction, since their universe of interests is considerably restricted.

Changes in habits, either sleep or eating. It is common for these people to suffer insomnia or sleep too much, lose their appetite or, on the contrary, gain weight quickly.

A problem at work, school or in interpersonal relationships, as the person increasingly neglects these areas to immerse themselves in addiction.

Consequences of suffering an addiction

The consequences of addictions are many and negative:

• Drinking a lot of alcohol, overeating or taking drugs does not help you to be healthy. Depending on the type of drug, the amount and time the person has been consuming, the consequences for health can be more or less serious and can even have fatal consequences.

• Family relationships get complicated. The person with an addiction spends less and less time with his family and when he is with them, he behaves differently adopting a relational pattern characterized by irritability and emotional distance. Therefore, it is not strange that reproaches and arguments arise that end in abandonment.

• Changes in mood and a sense of lack of control are common sensations in the person suffering from an addiction. In fact, that emotional discomfort is one of the reasons why the person takes refuge in the addiction, thus feeding a self-destructive circle.

• The addiction leads the person to close themselves in their world and to abandon the friendships that do not understand their problem. In this way, the addict isolates himself more and more, moving away from society

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