How To Keep Your Social Media Spoiler Free
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How To Keep Your Social Media Spoiler Free

For all those scared to look at their feeds.

How To Keep Your Social Media Spoiler Free

Avengers: Infinity War came out last night, and since then, no one on social media can seem to hold back their spoilers for the movie. It's a pretty typical case, and with movies like "Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom", "Solo: A Star Wars Story" and "Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald" coming out in the next few months, it's fair to assume people online will not learn etiquette about not sharing details before most people can go see a movie. If you're someone who hates being spoiled about movies, one thing to learn quickly is how to block words that are key to the movie on social media.

Before I explain the process of blocking words, a quick PSA: people need to stop spoiling movies. If you saw the midnight premiere of a movie, don't immediately go online to talk about it. I understand needing to vent and swap theories with other fans, but please don't post spoilers on your social media. Typical spoiler etiquette says to wait at least three to five days to post publically. Find forums on Tumblr or Reddit that will give you a place to talk and tag your spoilers so you don't ruin anyone else's movie experience.


To block words on Twitter, go into your settings on desktop. On the sidebar should be a section that says "Muted Words". Click on that and then on the next page click "add". You can then type in any word related to the movie you don't want spoiled, and choose how long you would like to mute the word for. Save, and then exit onto a spoiler-free Twitter.


Facebook, unfortunately, doesn't have a system built in for blocking words. However, there are many plug-ins for Chrome, such as SocialFixer, that can be used instead. Just download the plug-in and add "filters" that will target keywords that might pop up for a movie.


Tumblr is possibly the most common place you'll find spoilers. They also don't have a built-in function for blocking spoilers, however, there are many outside plug-ins that can blacklist tags. The two most popular are XKit7 and Tumblr Savior. Be cautious, however: when Tumblr updates, the plug-ins often stop working until they can, in turn, be updated.

Don't be a jerk, wait to post spoilers about movies until the opening weekend is over! If you haven't seen "Infinity War" yet, see it soon, and keep spoiler free in the meantime. It's worth the wait.

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