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Student Life

What To Do When Life Is Unfair

Tough times don't last. Tough people do.


Everyone encounters adversity in their lives. Regardless of gender, race, ethnicity, religion, or social status, EVERYONE faces uncomfortable situations in which they are at a disadvantage.

As human beings, we cannot simply avoid these situations. They are an inherent aspect of life and running away from them only results in additional hardship.

I've found my back against the wall lately. The dice haven't been rolling my way and I'm frustrated with everything at this point. Does that mean I should quit, succumb to adversity, and stop trying?

Absolutely not.

If there's one thing I've learned in 19+ years on Earth, it's that you can never throw in the towel. Not only is quitting a sign of weakness, but it also indicates an unwillingness to grow. The whole purpose of this rollercoaster journey we call life is to do the best we possibly can.

Doing your best applies to everything in life. Being happy, finding love, performing a job. If you don't make an effort, what's the point?

This is going to be a really difficult semester for me. Not only am I taking tougher classes and maintaining numerous extracurricular responsibilities, but I won't have the same support system as I had in previous semesters.

My girlfriend and I have decided to go our separate ways after nearly a year and a half together. We love each other fiercely, but the physical distance between our schools has really taken its toll. It's definitely going to take some time to recover, and I doubt that I'll be able to move on immediately, but I know that I'll survive if I just stay positive.

Am I going to allow adversity to dictate my life? You already know the answer to that one.

I vouch to work hard, to keep my head down, and to overcome any obstacle that may present itself. I don't care to be in the spotlight. Not everyone needs to be aware of my situation. I know what I can do and I will do it.

I will never forget what a good friend said to me during finals week last December. It was a quote from Toronto Blue Jays pitcher Marcus Stroman: "Don't panic, just manage."

As someone who's easily overwhelmed, this piece of motivation spoke to me on a personal level. This helps me stay focused on my goals in spite of underlying circumstances. He may not know it, but this friend and those four words continue to inspire me to this day.

Speaking of Marcus Stroman, sports exemplify the mantra of "not giving up" better than anything in our culture. Players get injured and teams are viewed as underdogs by the public, yet they continue to defy the odds by prevailing. How?

They believe in themselves. They put faith in the process and make big plays at big times. It's a beautiful, indescribable process, and I love it.

Life is unfair. Too many individuals are born into misfortune and are forced to spend their lives trying to prove themselves to the rest of society. My advice is to lay low. Stay out of the spotlight and do your business behind closed doors.

Negative criticism is contagious. Avoid it at all costs.

I'm done talking your ear off. I've rambled for too long and most of what I say probably makes zero sense. I hope that you're able to decipher the message I'm trying to convey and you use it as a means of improvement. This is how I stay positive.

I will continue to live my life by exerting maximum effort and making beneficial adjustments when deemed necessary. I know that my determination will pay dividends in the end.

Like Kendrick Lamar says, "We gon be alright".

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