How To Make Gable Box Step By Step
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How to make gable box step by step

Gable boxes are the best way to present gifts to your loved ones in an attractive way.

How to make gable box step by step

These boxes are durable and recyclable. Therefore they are also highly utilized in the FMCG industry. They serve as the best solution to store edible food items and keep them safe from getting contaminated and spoiled. Gable boxes are preferred for most of the products' packaging because they are quick to assemble, convenient, and easy to carry because of a rapid lock and unlock mechanism from the top side. Gable boxes are a very cost-effective solution for your every time packaging needs. They are easy to make in just simple steps. The material you need is paper or cardboard, ruler, scissors, craft knife, a strong adhesive and a gable box template for convenience. Below is a simple step by step procedure to make a gable box on your own:

Step 1: Download an online template of a gable box as shown in the image below. Cut the solid line which makes the box.

Step 2: Next step is to deal with dashed lines. Use a ruler to make them fold over themselves. A ruler will make neat creases which will form an elegant box with prominent edges.

Step 3: Glue the tab on the box side to close all the four walls together. Choose perfect glue for it which makes them stick together strongly. Ensure that glue should be applied to the non-dotted side of a tab and fix it to the inside of the opposite wall. This will not make it show once the box gets fully assembled. Bottom of the box has a 45 degree dashed line, place the glue on its right side to cover the tab.

Step 4: Now fold the large flap at the bottom and then hold the other tab to which glue has been already applied in the previous step. Stick both of them together. Repeat the steps with remaining bottom tabs as well. The primary structure of the box is obtained as shown in the figure below.

Step 5: As the base is glued up, pick up the two corners from the base and push them gently inside the box. You will start seeing a crease of 45 degrees at each corner of a box. If you are unable to see it, you can make it using your fingers. As you are doing so, the four walls of the box start to collapse until they become flat.

Step 6: Once the box becomes flat, scrape the bone folder down the base of the box. This will make the corners flat and sharper. The box base should naturally make its place at the correct position.

Step 7: Now it's the time to make the handles of the gable box. Take the handle tabs opposite to each other and pull them together until they start touching each other. Place the nub inside the slit. Repeat the step with the other side a well. You are done with the procedure, and your do-it-yourself gable box is ready to use. If you want to use it as a packaging to present a gift to someone, decorate it accordingly. Cover it with some fascinating people, use ribbons, and other decorative embellishments to make it look more attractive. More details of how to make a gable box step by step is given in the link below:

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