How To Have A "Gilmore Girls" Vacation
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How To Have A "Gilmore Girls" Vacation

Can't wait for the revival? Live "Gilmore Girls" for yourself!

How To Have A "Gilmore Girls" Vacation

So, "Gilmore Girls" is coming back, thanks to Netflix. Amy Sherman Palladino has confirmed that the show that aired from 2000 through 2007, will be having four 90-minute revival episodes on Netflix. All of our questions will be answered. Will Lorelai and Luke be together? Where is Rory? Who is she dating now? Are they still eating Pop-tarts and drinking a ton of coffee?

Last year, I watched "Gilmore Girls" on Netflix during my first year of college. It was the perfect show, as I was missing home and my mom. Even though I am from Connecticut, I feel like no matter where you are from, you can still connect with the love of Stars Hollow (which doesn't actually exist in CT, sorry guys). I made my mom watch the show at home, and we were both hooked. When we both finished binging the show, and being disappointed with the ending, my mom and I planned our own "Gilmore Girls" spring break. In honor of the "Gilmore Girls" reunion, plan a "Gilmore Girls" vacation for the upcoming spring break.

As all avid "Gilmore Girls" fans know, Carole King sings the theme song to the show called "Where You Lead, I Will Follow". Every time I hear this song, I think of my mom and my hometown. What some people do not know about this song, is that Carole King produced this specific version for the show with her daughter.

In honor of Carole King, my mom and I, over spring break, saw the Broadway show "Beautiful: The Carole King Musical." This show is about Carole King's life, and how she became so successful. Now "Where You Lead, I Will Follow" is only in the show as an instrumental version, other Carole King songs such as "(You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Women" and "I Feel The Earth Move." I went into the Broadway show only knowing the "Gilmore Girls" song, but I didn't realize Carole King wrote and sang so many other songs that are so popular. I was also so fortunate to see this show on Broadway, and saw Jessie Mueller (Tony award winner for her performance as Carole King) in her last performance. This show was breathtaking, and now all the songs on the soundtrack have a soft spot in my heart. I highly recommend this show for anyone to see, not just "Gilmore Girl"/Carole King fans.

Now, when I tell you that my mom and I are addicted to coffee, that is an understatement. I think we could match Loralai and Rory in their coffee consumption. So, we had so many coffee dates, it was hard to keep track! (And yes, most of them were at diner's, but none of them were as good as Luke's.)

In addition, my mom and I went to the inn that Amy Sherman Palladino and her husband stayed at, which inspired the Dragonfly Inn. Amy stayed at the Mayflower Inn in the small town of Washington, Connecticut (which is where Stars Hollow is based off, as well). She wrote part of the pilot of the show on the Inn's stationary.

When you walk into the Inn, you automatically get the rustic New England feel. My mom and I pretended we were Rory and Loralai in our hotel room, as we laughed, ate a ton of food, and got great massages. We had dinner by the fireplace in the Inn, and just imagined it was Sookie's cooking that we were eating.

And what would a "Gilmore Girls" weekend be without coffee and cookies for dessert?

It is safe to say this was one of my favorite vacations that I have ever been on. It had so much significance to my mom and I, and we felt like we were living in a TV show. So, to get in the spirit for the "Gilmore Girls" reunion, go visit the Mayflower Inn, or go see "Beautiful," or drink a ton of coffee!

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