How Changing Domain Name Could Affect on SEO?
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How Changing Domain Name Could Affect on SEO?

Domain Name Could Affect on SEO

Changing Domain Name

Running a business website is fraught with complex probabilities and the digital foot print you construct has a major say in how your site fares among search engines. If you are in the knowhow of how online machination works, higher search engine rankings always generate more traffic for your website. General aim of online business promotion is to create awareness, get traffic and generate leads and convert them in to profitable business. Considerably amount of time is spent by digital marketing companies in getting this done by introducing different SEO techniques so the brand visibility is enhanced.

While on the path of progress you may at some point of time decide to switch domains in order to achieve targets and ensure a stronger position in the online market. So what happens when you change your domain name or rebrand for expansion?

This is what happens when you do that:

Change of domain name will give a serious beating to your search engine rankings, because Google determine rankings according to the domain and page level. Your website also disappears from the digital map for a short period of time. When you change domains you fundamentally reset your domain metrics back to where you have started, zero. However there is no need to panic, because there are ways that can minimize the damage done by the change over, and with caution you can absolutely negate the effects materialized after the switch.

Why webmasters change domain names?

Most website owners do not change domain names so quickly, as they fear that the site will disappear from the online map. However there are instances where owners think appropriate to change so they could achieve business targets or on personal whim. Here are the reasons why?

  • 1.Domain not performing well

The domain perhaps has failed in the task of gathering substantial organic traffic or encouraging feed back as expected. Mostly this affects business and business targets;

  • 2.Owners don’t like the name

Website owners required the change for outlook or taste, in order to enhance relevance with business and differentiate their status in the market.

  • 3.Change of business

Sometimes change of business may prompt a change of name while going through transition in the business. It may occur when acquisition, change in business or industry take place with the business. This change renders the domain name irrelevant and unfit for the current business or status.

  • 4.Switching to top level domain

When a business does not get the desired domain they register with lesser known entities initially. They switch over when they get the opportunity to move to a better TLD which is mainstream which is favorable to their business.

What are the challenges brought to SEO by the name change?

SEO is the primary tool and key determinant of the digital marketing strategy for the entire process. Now we know that changing domain will hamper with your SEO efforts but how far it will affect the SEO performance is the question and why it blocks the progress. Changing domain name will loses all the links you have built over the years which will obviously affect traffic. In such case you shall have to find ways to resurrect quickly and employ a SEO company that will accomplish it successfully.

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