How A 10 Year Old Changed My Life
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Student Life

How A 10 Year Old Changed My Life

and how she could change yours, too!

How A 10 Year Old Changed My Life

Within the past two months God has revealed to me that everyone will not always be for you, but He will always send you everyone that you need. Now, when waiting on this gift or said person, it is a necessity to remain open-minded because the package may not always be what we were expecting. And boy, was I up for a serious surprise! Recently I’ve been spending time with a ten-year old girl by the name of Natalya who honestly is the hardest working kid I know and the essence of Black Girl Magic. And, when I say hard working I do not mean she spends her nights emerged in school work, coloring books and the occasional milk and cookies. No, she is creative, innovative, innocent and most importantly has the world’s biggest imagination. Plus, the only child I know when asked “Do you have McDonald’s money!?” can actually respond with a yes. You’re probably wondering how; but that’s neither here nor there… just know its 100% legal and God used her to change my life.

He used her to remind me that even though I am that I should never give up on my imagination because if you can see it, you can obtain it.He reminded me that my dreams are too small and to acquire everything my heart desires my way of thinking cannot mimic the structure of this bland society. I can't not think outside of the box, I must be the one to create a whole new box. As adults, that part of us gets shoved in our mental closet of childhood things because we may just feel we don’t need it anymore, but that is far from the truth. The mix of the logistics of our mushy adult brains with the limitlessness of our imaginations can allow God to take us places we never knew existed. But we have to be willing to believe that there is better than the better we were already asking God for in the first place. What I want you guys to understand is, if you pray generic prayers you receive generic blessings. God is waiting on you to switch up your game so he can show up and bless you in ways it leaves unbelievers speechless. As adults, we are going to have to learn that our lives are more than school, work, family and then death. We were chosen to have outstanding lives, to live the good life, we were created for our lives to have depth, and to surpass the boarders we place around us that constantly leave us feeling like there has to be more than what we currently have.

(Side-Note: And this is how we know the world is not our home because there will never be anything this world can offer you to fill that void, that’s a job solely made for God).

So I have a quick question, how many of us believe that we have to wait until we die to experience the riches of Heaven? I’ll wait for a response, no I really will, because you can experience heaven on earth while you are still kicking. All the promises of the Bible are not just cute little phrases that are in there for “play-play” they are actual life bringing statements that if you believe and speak into your life, will manifest into everything you DESERVE. I use the word deserve because we often downplay what we are really worth, we tend to settle for the mediocre when we DESERVE way more. It’s like settling for a dollar McChicken when you know you want a number 7 meal with barbeque sauce, you will never be satisfied just temporarily pleased. We have to stop living life temporarily pleased.

So I encourage you to activate the power that you have inside of you. To dust off the imagination that is drying out in your mental closet and begin to use it to elevate and advance you to your next happy season of life.We often are waiting for people to pull us out of our seasons of struggle and situations of what in the entire heck but we forget that we have the power inside of us already to take the first step. I challenge you today to simply believe in yourself, and that God is waiting to give you everything that he created for you, that you are worthy and deserve more than your current “right now”. That tomorrow will always be a new beginning and not the continuation of today’s problems and mistakes. That God hasn’t forgotten about you and is waiting to hit you with some serious blessings. I challenge you to dream dreams so big they scare you senseless, and yes a ten year old definitely inspired this entire article.

God is so good,

Love you much


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