Dreams & Disasters: The House Guest
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Dreams & Disasters: The House Guest

"Even nightmares can be a trip."

Dreams & Disasters: The House Guest
photo by Jay Evans

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Dreams are weird and obscure and oftentimes have no meaning. While other times, dreams are blissful and can make the dreamer feel at bliss. And if you're unlucky, you often get a nightmare facaded under pleasantry. My dreams often don't make sense, and most times are led into disaster. These are the stories where dreams and disasters collide and waking up to reality is often hard to do. This is the house guest… (provided with drawings of what I can recall)

* * *

I remember finding myself at home, sitting on the sofa in the living room. As I could recall the usual smell of home, the cinnamon scented candles and the frail smell of my dog. I was sitting on my recliner and I realized that I was a both tired and hungry (I skipped dinner that day in real life). So I've gone to the kitchen to make a sandwich, the least I could do to fulfill my appetite. Getting to the kitchen, I went into the silverware pantry and pulled out a knife and went into the shelf and got some bread, and got myself the ingredients for making me a simple ham and cheese with mayo sandwich. But for some reason, before I could place my knife into the mayo jar to spread, I cut my right hand with the knife. It stung like hell but it was a cut right around my thumb right at the grip.

At the sight of my hand, I started to pinpoint moments of dreaming, as my left hand was slightly bigger than my right. And as I stared at the blood spilling out of my hand, I realized that the all the blood unspilt itself and retracted itself back into my wound! From there I knew, things were about to get much weirder than that. I lost my appetite and decided that going to my room was the best idea. So I walked through my cramped hallway and made my way to my room…

As I reached my room, I heard a screeching and purring sound. At first, I thought it was my dog, but I couldn't sense my dog around. So I shrugged it off and walked into my room. For some reason, I went out of my normal routine and didn't turn on the lights before walking fully into my room, so the room was a pretty dark. Especially at the fact that I have burgundy colored walls and my curtains are a dark grey (yup, definitely the edge boy aesthetic). So as I stood in my room for a second, I could hear the screeching and purring sound a bit louder than before and I was a bit hesitant to turn the lights on but I did anyway. And there it was…

This huge six-foot creature that looked like some kind of demon. With its skull-faced features, gray skin with scraggly hair, and almost naked. It standing on my bed while eating a bag of chips I've left on my nightstand, with its long fingers. I was horrified, and all I could do was ask, "What are you?"

It looked back at me as it stuffed its mouth with the chips, leaving a pile of crumbs onto my bed while staring at me. I continue to stare back and shrugged expecting an answer.

"Rookshack." He answered, while licking its lips with his long green tongue, basically spitting all over his face.

"Um, why are you here?" I asked back.

"Snacks. I want snacks."

"But you ate all I have."

He looked at the nightstand and back into me, he seemed annoyed. And I was in shock from the scene so I couldn't move. All I could do was stop and stare. But his face got more upset, as I was only silent.

Rookshackby Jay Evans

"You little shit. Bring me snacks." he stated, while pointing right at me.

"Excuse me?" I questioned.

"Yes you little shit, bring me snacks."

"How about no."

"That's not how you treat a house guest."

"Who invited you?! I don't even know you!"

Rookshack became upset and started to screech, it was deafening, irritating me. I knew I was dreaming and I already wanted to wake up instantly but I couldn't. He started to creep closer, staring right at me. I started to step back and reach for the door, and quickly, I ran!

He jumped at my direction and tried to snatch me, as I tried my best to make to the door. I could hear him screaming and calling me as he tried to run after me.

"Little shit! Come back here little shit!"

I tried to make it towards the stairs but I stuck. The stairs was a real trip, as the stairs started to swirl, and become an illusion on it own! Becoming a black hole, and somehow tugging at me. As my vision became irritated by the view of the stairs, I could only panic as I heard Rookshack coming my way. I could only look at the stairs and think of the inevitable outcome if I didn't wake up sooner. I could die or I could escape and try to find a way of trying to wake up.

"You little shit"Drawing by Jay Evans

I tried to make it towards the stairs but I was stuck. The stairs was a real trip, as the stairs started to swirl, and become an illusion on its own! As my vision became irritated by the view of the stairs, I could only panic as I heard Rookshack coming my way. I could only look at the stairs and think of the inevitable outcome if I didn't wake up sooner. So I thought of jumping into the black hole, what's the worst that could happen?

I was about to jump into the black hole, but suddenly Rookshack barged through the door and grabbed my leg! I yelled and yelled but I wasn't louder than his screams. As he gripped my leg as hard as he could trying to reach his tongue towards my leg. His spit, drooling on my leg. So I kicked his face using my other foot, he became furious as he tried to take a bite out of my leg. Soon enough, he bit his tongue and held back. I quickly got up on my feet and jumped right into the hole.

I closed my eyes and felt the suction of hole pull me. It was like a heavy weight on my body, and an even heavier weight on my chest. It felt harder to breath, I could only gasp for air. Felt like an asthmatic kid having an asthma attack after running through the pacer test. Through every gasp, I tried to wake in real life, only to be carried away through my snoring. But even then it felt, almost effortless. So I was falling into nothingness as I gasped harder and harder for air. Until eventually, my snoring peeked through my dreams and managed to give me the air needed to jumpstart me through my dream, waking me up harder than whiplash in a car accident. I woke up in cold sweat, almost drenching the bed from the excessive sweating. But thank God that was over.

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