Horror Movies Are Finally Incredible Again, Here Are 7 Examples
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Horror Movies Are Finally Incredible Again, Here Are 7 Examples

Horror movies have had a resurgence in the last few years, and we're just happy something that actually needed to be great again managed to do it.

Youtube / "It Follows"

Just in case you haven't noticed, horror movies have gotten exponentially better in the last five years. Sure, the resurgence of quality horror could trace back to the first "Paranormal Activity" (2009) and all of those crazy "Conjuring" (2012) flicks but as a horror buff, none of those can top the past few years. Need examples? Fear not, I've curated seven of the best horror movies since 2014, just for you.

1. "The Babadook" (2014).

"The Babadook"

In Jennifer Wright's 2014 film "The Babadook", the horror genre encountered a familiar set up; kid is terrified of a boogeyman, mom is skeptical, turns out boogeyman is real. Except Babadook took this concept and blew our fucking minds. I don't want to allow for any spoilers, but I will say that you might become a little more wary of the dark spaces in your room after watching this.

2. "It Follows" (2014).

"It Follows"

Director, David Robert Mitchell's, 2014 horror gem has definitely made it to one of my listicles before so you really shouldn't be surprised to see it here. Even if you aren't a horror person, the art direction of "It Follows" will keep you glued to the screen. The film manages to elicit fear through what you see, but even more through what you don't. Believe me when I tell you this one will have you looking over your shoulders. You know, just in case.

3. "Ex Machina" (2015).

"Ex Machina"

I know, I know-- "But Jessica, this isn't a horror film, its Sci-fi." Well, I'm sorry Sharon, but shut up. If robots aren't your number one greatest fear next to climate change, then you need to get it together. Alex Garland's 2015 mystery/thriller/all-out crazy movie is a must-see and will definitely give you the creeps about AI (which you should 100% already have.) Plus Oscar Isaac so I mean, duh.

4. "The Witch" (2015).

"The Witch"

Now some people hated Robert Eggers almost too quiet, too weird, too satan fueled "The Witch". But those people are just wimps. "The Witch" had it all from an eerie score, to a creepy setting, to incredible cinematography. You could argue the film is just as much an art piece as it is a scary movie. Fair warning, if ritualistic animal slaughter is a turn off for you, avoid this pick.

5. "It Comes At Night" (2017).

"It Comes At Night"

This is probably a little more psychological thriller than horror, but it makes the list because this film made me so uncomfortable that I wanted to cry. And I'm talking ugly "I want my mommy" type of tears. There is something incredibly unsettling about a scary foe you know absolutely nothing about except that you DO NOT want to fuck with it. Maybe it's because I grew up with spending my summers in a secluded cabin in the woods, but there is something seriously scary about the things in the darkness and what they can bring to the light.

6. "Get Out" (2017)

"Get Out"

I'm not quite sure if there is anyone out there who has transitioned from comedy to horror as seamlessly as Jordan Peele with his 2017 blockbuster "Get Out", but I don't think it matters. This film combines social issues with horror in a way that is pretty much unparalleled. Peele manages to make a creepy concept even creepier by touching on the strange intersection of science, racism and mind-control. An intersection I'm pretty positive he invented. Even if you hate horror movies, this one is a must-see.

7. "Hereditary" (2018)


Promoted like a psychological thriller, Ari Aster's recent release, "Hereditary" morphs from creepy family thriller to all-out horror movie with twists and turns all along the way. With an incredible performance from Toni Collette and some seriously effective practical effects, "Hereditary" is definitely a reminder that the horror genre is gearing up for an epic decade of content.

There you go folks, seven horror films that just scratch the surface of how good the horror film resurgence is. Though I can't neglect a few honorable mentions:

"Housebound" (2014), "What We Do in The Shadows" (2014), "Southbound" (2015), "Split" (2016), "It" (2017), "Happy Death Day" (2017) "The Shape of Water" (2017)—yes this can be categorized as horror even if its a love story, Haven't you seen "Creature from the Black Lagoon"? and "A Quiet Place" (2018).

If you're one of these folks who thinks horror films stopped being scary 20 years ago, I urge you to check out any of these movies. You'll be glad and/or sad and crying that you did!

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